Augustinus Bader is arguably one of the biggest beauty brands to launch in recent years. Its hero product — The Cream — has been applauded by everyone from Hailey Bieber to Laura Dern, famous for its ability to transform dull, dry, uneven and congested.

The brand launched with a singular product, The Cream. It contains patented TFC8®, or Trigger Factor Complex, a blend of natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins and synthesised molecules naturally found in skin. TFC8® was originally discovered by Professor Bader as a means to treat burns victims, but the science was applied to skincare — hence the restorative effects. They have since release a serum, oil, cleanser, essence and body cream, but in exciting news, the brand has announced the launch of hair care.

Comprised of a shampoo, conditioner, oil, leave-in treatment, scalp treatment and comb, the entire range promises to restore optimal hair health and vitality, improving growth, strength, shine and fullness. In the context of hair, the brand says that the TFC8® technology works to optimise your hair’s micro-environment while supporting cellular renewal and natural hair growth. Think of it as a holistic approach—one that promises better condition from root to tip.

Prices range from $75 for the shampoo to $110 for the scalp treatment, but given the brands science-driven approach to formulation and stellar reputation, it might be worth investing in if your hair is in need of some TLC.

It’s also designed for all hair types from straight to coiled, and can be found online at

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