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Hello, and welcome to Do It Yourself (At A Distance): a mini series helping you solve beauty issues from the safety of home. Of course, a DIY manicure or blonde hair refresh isn’t going to change the world, but if it makes you feel even just a little bit better better, it’s worth doing. Basically, we’ll be borrowing tips from our editors as well as experts to see you through quarantine without tears, tantrums or over-tweezed brows. Today, we’re looking at exactly that: brows. A seemingly simple beauty task but one wrong hair gone and it’s game over. To hold your hand through the process, we’ve invited Benefit National Brow Artist Hannah Mutze to share her tips for eyebrow maintenance at home.

At-Home Eyebrows In Five Steps: 


Use clean, good quality slant tip tweezers lime the ones seen below. The angled tip allows for more control and precision.

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Trace around your shape with a brow pencil before you start, then only remove hairs that fall outside the lines. You’ll never second guess a hair again.

Grip hairs as close to the skin as possible to avoid them snapping. Always support the surrounding skin with your other hand and be sure to pull hairs in the same direction they grow to prevent ingrown hairs or damaged follicles.

Keep your growth cycle in sync by only tweezing your brows every two to four weeks. Tweezing too often disrupts this cycle resulting in inconsistent and constant regrowth.

Finally, fake a brow tint with a waxy brow pencil like Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil or a tinted fibre gel. The wide pencil tip allows for quick, easy application and natural looking brows.

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