Recently, I have become obsessed with my brows, scarily so. I catch them in every mirror, every reflection, every car window; assessing their fullness, sizing up their spareness, checking in to see whether they are too dark, too ashy, too golden. It’s become quite the preoccupation. You see, whilst my lashes have always been “my thing”, they require an obsessional amount of precision and patience as my routine is zealously meticulous and finicky.

My brows, however, occupy less time, less patience, less painstaking precision. In their natural state, they’re not bad: tall, dark and rather handsome. Thickset through the front, slightly-arched-but-not-Bella-Hadid-arched in the middle, sparse and sad at the tail. But, after entering the tinting / Henna game, I now have unrealistic expectations when it comes to their appearance. When my tint fades, I look at them and think, Holy Hell, I’m bald. I see one wiry stray and feel compelled to book a crisis brow appointment (despite having one the previous day). It’s a disaster, and quite frankly, becoming increasingly annoying. The brow-dysmorphia was taking over, and it needed to stop.

Lashes aside, I am also notoriously lazy when it comes to my makeup. Give me the easy option, every time. A 5-in-1 product? Sign me up. A brow / mascara / liner / lip hybrid? Heaven. So when Amy Jean’s Brow Veil landed on my desk, it was like a damn beauty miracle. Fluffy brows in one fell swoop – it’s a delicate, double-ended pen-like tool pre-loaded with powdery product. You simply tap excess product before use (v. important) and dust your way to the most fabulous, feathery brows of your life. Whilst rich in colour, the pigment is as light as a feather, so with gentle, articulate flicks, brows turn fluffy in a jiffy. Rake through with the spool on the other end, and your dream brows become reality. Just the thing to satiate my ridiculous brow delusions (and cure a bad hair day).

Amy Jean Privée Collection Brow Veil, $42. shop now