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Credit: Twitter/@tylersunderland

The internet is having a meltdown over the striking similarities between Dua Lipa and AOC and honestly, how have we not noticed this until now? Pictures taken a few weeks ago of the 25-year-old singer stepping out in New York City have now gone viral, with social media users unable to comprehend her uncanny resemblance to beloved US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (better known as AOC).

With the lower half of Lipa’s face obscured by her face mask, her long straight locks and subtle cat-eye liner lend the Levitating singer an undeniable AOC-esque aesthetic. Her outfit, which is a head to toe look from Dion Lee‘s Spring 2021 collection, is probably a little more revealing than what the 31-year-old would typically go for, but subverting sexist, dated idioms is also all in a day’s work for AOC.

The likeness was first noted on Twitter by DJ Tyler Sunderland, who captioned the shots of Lipa, ‘AOC on her way to pass the Green New Deal!!!’

The post quickly took off, with many unable to tell the difference between the two women. “OMG WHAT. This is bending my brain,” wrote one Twitter user in response to Sunderland’s tweet, while another added, “I actually thought it was her”.

Discussions were fuelled further by a TikTok video in which the user praises AOC for her style in the photos of Lipa. “I know that we’re not supposed to stan politicians, but look at AOC – I mean, what other congresswoman is doing it like her?”


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TikTokers were equally as baffled by the lookalike pair, with one commenter asking, “Hold up that’s AOC?” Others pointed out the tattoos on Lipa’s hands (AOC doesn’t have any), while another did some serious investigating on the location of the shots to crack the case once and for all. “It’s Dua Lipa. 10 Bond st is Gigi [Hadid]’s NYC apartment where [Lipa’s boyfriend] Anwar also stays,” they wrote.

Lipa and AOC have yet to respond, but we’d be here for a twin style moment between the powerhouse pair.