Green shopping list
Courtesy: Shelton Boyd-Griffith/GRAZIA

“You’ve got to be seen green, to show that you’re stuff’s layed!” We recently watched the ICONIC, 1978 musical film adaptation of The Wiz and suddenly became inspired by the color green. Green is a magical color: it symbolizes earth and being grounded, renewal, it’s the color of the Starbucks Siren (runs to get our second cold brew of the day), symbolizes luck, balance and of course is the color of the U.S. dollar—queue “C.R.E.A.M.” by Wu-Tang Clan. Also, do you remember that full head-to-toe neon green Versace look Rihanna wore for her debut performance of “B*%^h Better Have My Money?” We want to channel that energy and what better way to do that than “being seen green?” So, we’ve compiled a list of accessories, decor, jewels, books and more, that will make you green with envy.

Get your green fix through a curated list of goodies in shades of olive, emerald, lime, mint, seafoam, basil—you get the point—below:

Marni Calf-Hair Fussbett Loafers

Green shopping list
Marni Calf-Hair Fussbett Loafers, $700 SHOP NOW.

loewe, Luscious Pea Candle

Green shopping list
Loewe Luscious Pea Candle, $94 (S), $189 (M), $404 (L)  SHOP NOW.


Green shopping list
Breast Friend ceramic vase, $416 SHOP NOW

seagrass, bottega veneta casette bag

Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag, $4,100 SHOP NOW

humanrace skincare

Green shopping list
Humanrace Routine Pack, $100 SHOP NOW

Mario bellini Camaleonda sofa

Green shopping list
Mario Bellini Camaleonda sofa. Price varies by configuration. SHOP NOW

only made Papa earring

Green shopping list
Only Made Papa earring, $54 SHOP NOW.

gucci Chiavari chair

Gucci Chiavari Chair, $2,600 SHOP NOW

aminia muaddi

Green shopping list
Aminia Muaddi Naima Pedestal Sandals, $ 730 SHOP NOW

Medea bag

Medea Ice Bag, $309 SHOP NOW

kelley weartsler

Green Shopping list
Kelly Wearstler Morro Side Table, $4,995 SHOP NOW

Virgil Abloh. Nike. ICONS

Green Shopping List
Virgil Abloh. Nike. ICONS, $70 SHOP NOW

swarovski Dulcis cocktail ring

Green shopping list
Swarovski Dulcis Cocktail Ring, $199 SHOP NOW


Green Shopping List
Estelle colored glass stemware-set of 6, $175 SHOP NOW

prada Corduroy coat

Green shopping list
Prada Corduroy Coat, $3,650 SHOP NOW



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