Ross Butler, Wisdom Kaye, Maddie Ziegler, Alexander Roth, Rickey Thompson, and Quen Blackwell front row at Coach SS22

Moments ahead of the Coach Spring/Summer 2022 show while walking to find my seat, I crossed paths with Wisdom Kaye who I not only recognized from his super fashionable TikTok account but also his recent Coach x Champion campaign. If you’re on #fashiontok you’ve definitely come across @wisdm8, who only started his account earlier last year and is already hitting 6.4M followers.

The 20-year-old, who stands at 6’4, hails from Houston, Texas, and we chatted about everything from fashion week to everyday things like the windy weather out on Pier 76, which was the venue of choice for the Coach show. He took his front-row seat next to fellow TikToker Maddie Ziegler and actor Ross Butler. We continued our conversation while waiting for the music to dim, a signal the show would be starting. With time to spare, Kaye obliged to an impromptu interview with an easygoing and affable demeanor.


I actually wore the look in the intro to my first red carpet but otherwise I’d probably wear the 1st or 3rd one😭

♬ original sound – Wisdom Kaye

Ahead, Wisdom Kaye talks about his style evolution, start on TikTok, and gender nonconforming looks.

Grazia: Hey, so this should be fun, thanks for agreeing to do this.
Wisdom Kaye: No problem, let’s do it!

G: Before they tell us to go take our seats, let’s jump into this! When did you start getting inspired by fashion and coming into your style?
WK: Last year when I was in college is when my current style really started coming together.

G: I love, and I’m sure most of your fans can agree, how you go against traditional gender norms? Have you always had as much confidence in your style?
WK: No, I haven’t always had the confidence or willingness to dress how I wanted to. I feel, at least with me, confidence grew over time, and now I’m at a place where I am comfortable and confident with it.

G: Fashion week is officially back! How’s yours going so far?
WK: Fashion week has been super fun! There’s a lot of stuff going on, and it’s great to be out here.

(music begins to dim, cueing time to take seats)

G: Oh, I think that’s our cue! One last question, what are you most excited about from the new Coach collection?
WK: I’m really excited to see the creativity and fun pieces the brand has going on.