Waterproof Mascara completes your look, but don't use it daily.

The final touch of a beauty routine often ends with a swipe of mascara on the lashes, a very handy move to enhance and enlarge the eyes. While there are varieties to suit everyone’s taste, not all mascaras serve the same purpose. Some lengthen the lashes, some make them fuller, while others boast a combination of benefits. As for the waterproof formula, it ensures you don’t end up with streaks down your face when caught in a downpour or after diving into a pool. However, this option isn’t risk-free when it comes to health.

Why Should We Be Wary of Waterproof Mascara?

While waterproof mascara is very effective for wearing when you workout or when you engage in physical activities, it’s not as good for your health as you might think. Interviewed by Femme Actuelle, Dr. Alexa Hecht warns against this product. “Using waterproof makeup around the eyes is strongly discouraged,” she cautions. The reason is that not only can it cause irritation and dryness around the eyes, but it can also “get stuck around them, clogging the sebaceous glands.” To achieve the non-budging formula, many chemicals such as paraffin and silicone are used. Furthermore, waterproof mascara can be difficult to remove during the makeup removal process, “which can lead to loss of lashes and the formation of dark circles around the eyes.”

Should Waterproof Mascara Be Avoided Completely?

On its website, the brand Typology makes recommendations regarding the use of waterproof mascara. “Waterproof mascaras become dangerous when they are used daily on sensitive or allergic eyes.” So, occasional use shouldn’t pose a problem. Nonetheless, if you find it hard to give up waterproof mascara, consider switching to a product with a healthier composition.

Whether for a beach day or a tear-filled wedding, waterproof mascara has its moments. However, it’s important to consider its effects on delicate eye area and lashes. Makeup enthusiasts should take caution and save the waterproof mascara for special occasions. This practice can protect your lashes from potential damage. At the same time, it will also prevent any unnecessary irritation or clogged glands. Opt for a gentle, everyday mascara instead, and save the waterproof variety to make a splash when it really counts.