HBO’s The White Lotus was one of the most talked-about mini-series of 2021 for a multitude of reasons. There was Jennifer Coolidge finally getting a role that showcases her talent in the way it deserves (she’s since won her first Emmy for her perfect portrayal of an unhinged, grieving heiress in the show), Sydney Sweeney as a Marxist teen, and sex, drugs and general mayhem taking place at a luxury resort in Hawaii.

Right from its debut episode, The White Lotus lit up the internet. Later, it garnered critical acclaim, earning 20 Emmy nominations, including acting nods for eight cast members.

Despite the show seemingly wrapping up at its end with all — or most, to be exact — main characters headed for home, HBO thankfully surprisingly renewed it for another season, which will take place at a different White Lotus hotel, this time located in Sicily, Italy.

Because of this brand new location, the cast members will also be refreshed, all but Coolidge, who will return in her role of Tanya — and if you look closely at the first teaser HBO dropped, so too will Greg, the White Lotus guest who was romantically involved with Tanya. Joining them are Aubrey Plaza and The Sopranos alum Michael Imperioli and on the other side of the camera, Este Haim, the bassist of the band Haim, has joined the crew as a musical consultant.

Below, see the official trailer for The White Lotus’ second season ahead of its October 30 release date.