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This year we are all about giving the gift of wellness! And while you can never (and we mean never) go wrong with your typical fashion and beauty buys, we all know there’s an increasing desire for a focus on self-care and self-love — and we are here for it.

That’s why we’re making a whole gift guide to help you shop for the health-conscious person on your holiday list. From women’s wellness trackers to meditation brain sensing headbands, we have scoured the internet and every online review to help you shop for the best wellness gifts on the market.

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Keep scrolling to see our top picks that your loved ones will actually enjoy — while keeping them a little more zen this crazy holiday season. (You can thank us later.)

Best Wellness Gifts:

A Women’s Wellness Tracking Bracelet: Bellabeat Ivy

Best Overall Gift for Women of All Ages

Wellness Gifts

The Bellabeat Ivy is an absolute must for any woman in your life — no matter their age — especially if they’re focused on their health and wellbeing. We are obsessed with the Ivy’s sleek design and “made by women for women” focus. It monitors your daily steps, sleep, heart rate, respiratory rate, cardiac coherence, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause and more — all while giving you advice and recommended tips based on your body’s needs to reach your individualized goals. Oh, and did we mentioned it was just announced as TIME’s “The Best Inventions of 2022” for Wellness?!

A Meditation Headband: Muse 2

Best for Those Looking to Improve Their Meditation Practice

Wellness Gifts
MUSE 2, $249.99. SHOP NOW

Know someone who lives their life swearing by the benefits of meditation? Us, too. That is why Muse 2 is at the top of our list for what we are most excited to gift this holiday season. This device takes the guessing out of meditating so you can focus on finding calm and staying focused by providing real-time feedback on your brainwaves and breath patterns.

A Yoga Mat: Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

Best for Yogis

Wellness Gifts

Everyone knows that yoga is the sure-fire way to calm the mind, connect to self and strengthen the body — basically wellness wrapped up in one activity. Our yoga mat of choice this year is Alo Yoga’s Warrior Mat in the festive shade Jungle. This mat comes with a plethora of pros — and no cons — including a luxe, matte look with an oversized design that helps you stay on the mat all practice long. It is 100% formaldehyde-free, non-toxic and PVC-free, made with ethically sourced, premium, all-natural rubber. This mat was designed for long-lasting quality and next-level performance.

A Personal Breathing Coach: Moonbird

Best for Those Looking to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Wellness Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift to help someone destress and reduce anxiety? Look no further because we’ve found Moonbird. Moonbird is your personal guide in doing slow-paced breathing exercises to find that inner peace we’ve all been looking for. Our favorite part is that it is small and compact for on-the-go, plus it’s simple to use! Just place it in the palm of your hand and simply breathe along to its calming pace and you’re good to go. You can also track the effects on your body via Moonbird’s app.

A Pair of Wrist & Ankle Weights: Bala Bangles

Best for Physical Fitness Junkies

Wellness Gifts

Bala Bangles are our go-to for wellness-lovers looking to add a new piece of fitness equipment into their daily routine — now available in a festive sparkling silver! Designed to be worn during any workout, or your everyday activities, these bangles are a great way to add a little weight and resistance to your wrists and ankles for a physical fitness challenge. Made of super soft silicone with adjustable velcro, Bala Bangles are wildly versatile making the world your gym.

An Affirmation Bracelet: Presently

Best for Those Who Need a Reminder to Be Mindful

Wellness Gifts

Presently’s mindfulness bracelets are the perfect gift for someone who is working on remembering their self worth and prioritize their self-care journey. Their gold bracelets are hypoallergenic and nickel-free, made from
 14k gold-plated brass. Each piece of jewelry comes with an engraved affirmation of your choice to help its wearer remember to stay present and release their negative thoughts throughout the day. Choose from gold or silver chain links, gemstones and macrame bracelet bands to fit your giftee’s personal style!

An Infrared, PEMF, & Red Light Therapy Body Belt: Heat Healer

Best for Anyone Suffering from Soreness, Stiffness, Aches or Pains

Wellness Gifts

Our favorite part about Heat Healer’s Body Belt is that it doubles as a gift for crystal lovers. You heard us right: This body belt distributes infrared heat among 44 pockets filled with Jade, Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Amber, Amethyst crystals and Negative-Ion Producing Clay Beads — making it our go-to choice for anyone obsessed with wellness and spirituality. The secret to this product relieving body pain is their Triple Threat Technology™, which is made up of Infrared Heat, PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) and Red-Light Therapy. It can be worn around one’s abdomen as a belt, of course, but also around any other part of the body that needs some TLC.

An Electric Bicycle: MercedesEQ Formula E Team Bikes

Best for Outdoor Fitness Fans

Wellness Gifts

When it comes to wellness, you always need to consider the immense benefits of physical fitness. So, this year we are giving the gift of Mercedes’ eBikes. The MercedesEQ Formula E Team have created a collection of streamlined and lightweight, sleek, high performance electric bikes equipped with technology to alleviate any “clunky” gear changes. This powerful yet smooth ride is the perfect present for anyone looking for a luxe way to workout while getting some fresh air in the new year.

A Weighted Blanket: Bearaby Cotton Napper

Best for Restless Sleepers

Wellness Gifts

You’ve probably heard of weighted blankets, but do you know all of their amazing benefits? When the weight is evenly dispersed on the body, natural hormones are released that calm you down, help you feel relaxed and let you drift into dreamland — keeping you cool, calm, collected and rested. Bearaby’s Cotton Napper is a chunky knit, organic cotton, weighted blanket that helps you sleep better and feel calmer, naturally. It makes the perfect gift for anyone having a hard time falling — or staying — asleep due to its many health and wellness benefits.

A Spa Gift Card: The Well

Best for Those in Need of a Day to Themselves

Wellness Gifts

Whether its the holidays, a birthday or an anniversary, you can never go wrong with a gift card. That’s why we had to include a spa gift card in our gift guide to a fan favorite wellness haven: The Well. With three locations in New York City, Connecticut and Costa Rica — offering spa treatments, workout classes, health coaching, acupuncture and more — plus wellness retreats and online shoppable products, The Well is our top choice for the perfect present.

An Earseed Kit: VIE 24k Gold Earseeds 

Best for Holistic Healers

Wellness Gifts

Ear seeding is a great introduction to exploring acupuncture without having to fully commit to finding an acupuncturist. Ear seeding is designed to be used to aid in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, promote comfort and enhance relaxation through very tiny acupressure on the ear. VIE’s earseed kit comes with 20 gold-plated ear pieces and a guide of remedy points to get maximum benefit for your body and mind’s individual needs. Plus, they’re beautiful and look like little earring studs.

An Array of Body Balancing Teas: ORA Tea Experience

Best for Those Looking to Bring the Body, Mind & Spirit into Harmony


The ORA Herbal Tea Experience is the perfect gift for tea-lovers and tea newbies alike. Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), ORA’s carefully curated selection of teas were made by an acupuncturist to bring the body, mind and spirit into harmony. This holiday gift set comes with five different tea canisters, each containing 15 tea bags. Aside from the long list of health benefits, we also love that this gift is truly an “experience,” complete with a curated food pairing for each tea! The Inner Vitality tea is paired with prunes to cool your system and promote digestion; the Your Best Defense tea is paired with apricots to center your energy; the Best Digest tea is paired with hawthorn berries to help remove stagnation; the Relieve & Recover tea is paired with sweet potatoes for additional digestive support; the Calming Chai tea is paired with mandarin peels to support spleen, stomach and lung energy pathways. 

A Health Detox: Goop G.Tox 7-Day Reset Kit

Best for Those Looking to Heal Their Gut Health

Wellness Gifts

With the holidays leading right up into the New Year, there is truly no better gift for a wellness junkie than a dietary detox to fulfill their “New Year, New Me” needs. Goop’s 7-Day Reset helps remove potential triggers from one’s diet, along with eliminating processed foods, through a weeklong detox program to — you guessed it — reset the body. Included is a filling superfood Reset Cereal Blend, plant-based Reset Protein Powder, liver supporting Detoxifying Superpowder, bloat reducing Gut Microbiome Superpowder, G.Tox’ Ultimate Dry Brush and a recipe-filled Reset Guide to take the guesswork out of the process. An easy-to-follow schedule helps you experiment with new eating patterns and an intermittent fasting protocol.

A Mocktail-Making Set: CUT ABOVE Gift Set

Best for Those Celebrating the Holidays without Drinking

Wellness Gifts

With the holidays near, that means Dry January is right around the corner. Whether your wellness-obsessed loved one is partaking in the month-long challenge, or opts for non-alcoholic drinks year-round, we’ve found the perfect present to gift them — mocktails. CUT ABOVE is our go-to brand for mocktails (a.k.a. non-alcoholic cocktail alternatives). Made with natural ingredients — and all the “fun” of drinking a cocktail without the alcohol — CUT ABOVE is the perfect non-alcoholic gift option for those looking to ring in the holidays and New Year, while focusing on sobriety and health. The spirits brand is currently offering a holiday gift set featuring two of their most popular spirits: zero proof gin and mezcal.

An Intention Setting Journal: Intelligent Change Best Year Journal

Best for the Self Development-Obsessed

Wellness Gifts

Of course we couldn’t close out our list without a good ole journal. Despite its simplicity, a journal holds the key to self reflection, self awareness and successful intention setting. This year we are recommending Intelligent Change’s Best Year Journal. The guided structure of this journal helps you set authentic goals, create a clear action plan you will stick to, keep track of your progress and balance your personal and professional commitments. We love their purposefully placed motivational quotes, thought provoking prompts and suggested practices to implement — guaranteed to help anyone set themselves up for success in the coming year.