This year we were sadly robbed of many of the pop culture references we tend to rely on come Halloween. Lizzo dressed as the Mike Pence fly; Kim Kardashian outfited her adorable brood as Joe Exotic’s tigers—but the most popular costume, arguably, was Rob, the record store owner Zoë Kravitz played in High Fidelity.

Kravitz took to Instagram Stories last night to share photos of dozens of women and men who rocked Rob-inspired outfits for socially-distanced Halloween celebrations. Given the bevy of fantastic outfits Kravit’z character wears in the series (rumor has it Zoë styled herself, using pieces from her own wardrobe), there was no shortage of possible options.

Some opted for the pleated skirt, Dickies tee combo (a nod to the 2000 film starring John Cusack); others for the Hawaiian shirt, leather blazer get-up. The most-references was the Beastie Boys vintage tee, weatherbeaten Levis look—which Kravitz wore in the series’ many promo shots.

Though Kravitz didn’t appear to rock a costume herself this year, she has proved herself a Halloween obsessive in the past. In 2018 she dressed as ‘Morning’s Suck’—a coffee-swilling vampire in a bath robe. The year before, she and husband Karl Glusman dressed as Marla Singer and Tyler Durden from the cult 1999 movie Fight Club. Here’s hoping that by next year, we’ll get an especially good costume, to make up for this year’s gap.