Kim Kardashian’s 40th birthday party was all anyone could talk about this week. After the reality TV star posted photos of her trip to Tahiti with 50 friends and family in the middle of a global pandemic, the internet responded with calls to eat the rich, memes making fun of her tweet – in which she wrote that she “surprised my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time” (lol), and, of course, the resurgence of Kourtney’s “Kim, there’s people that are dying” comment from a 2011 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. 

But fast-forward a few days and the mother-of-four has already forgotten about the drama because it’s her favourite holiday of the year: Halloween. As in previous years, we can expect Kardashian to dress up multiple times for the occasion, and she’s already kicked things off with a bang. Overnight she debuted her first outfit of the season: Carole Baskin from Tiger King. 

Just like everyone else in the world, Kardashian was obsessed with the Netflix series that came out during lockdown documenting the lives of Joe Exotic, his rival Carole Baskin and the cat breeding industry in the US. At the time, she wrote on Twitter, “Has anyone seen Tiger King on Netflix?!?! It is crazy!!!” (The answer, of course, was that everyone else had indeed seen Tiger King). Later, she added, “Wow the amount of texts I’ve gotten about Tiger King since I tweeted about it all have mentioned their belief that Carol killed her husband! What are your thoughts? Do you think Carol killed him?”

Sharing on Instagram stories overnight, Kardashian donned a blonde wig, flower crown and a leopard-print dress as Baskin, while her three children, North, Saint and Chicago, were dressed as mini tigers and her friend, Jonathan Cheban, dressed as Joe Exotic.

If previous years are anything to go by, Kardashian is just getting warmed up. Last year alone, she transformed into Legally Blonde‘s Elle Woods (complete with a Harvard University submissions video), the Flintstones, a glow worm (?), and characters from the movie, Sing.

Ah, to have all the money in the world.

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