Urban Decay, Prince, Urban Decay x Prince

May 7, 2021: Prince has always been a pop culture icon as a fashion legend, a musical genius, and everything in between. And now, his legacy will be celebrated by one of the beauty industry’s biggest brands: Urban Decay. The L’Oréal-owned cosmetics line teamed up with The Prince Estate to release the Urban Decay x Prince collection, an exclusive line formally entitled “Living Loud in Color.”

The brand shared in a statement: “Although impossible to encapsulate the dynamic essence of Prince, the collection is inspired by his legendary music and performances that left audiences mesmerized with a feeling many can’t put into words, but fans deeply recognize.” This won’t just be a purple eyeshadow palette (the color associated with the musician). Rather, the brand says that the Urban Decay x Prince cosmetics range will also feature gold and black in its packaging design.

To create the line, Urban Decay worked with some of the most impactful members of Prince’s creative team. Key figures included The Prince Estate’s creative director Trevor Guy, Prince’s muse and close friend, Damaris Lewis (who also serves as the face of the collection), and renowned photographer-director Randee St. Nicholas, who shot the campaign’s imagery. The latter has yet to be released.

Wende Zomnir, Urban Decay brand co-founder, is a self-proclaimed “Prince fangirl. In a statement provided to GRAZIA USA, she explained why now is the time to celebrate Prince’s legacy. “We couldn’t possibly imitate someone as legendary as Prince, and to compare him to a palette would diminish what he represents,” she says. “It’s easy to say why this collection makes sense on the surface – his makeup looks and our shared love of purple—but we did our best to reflect his energy on a deeper level. We found his ethos of not asking permission to be who he was and owning it so boldly aligned with our values of breaking the mold and championing all forms of beauty.”

Urban Decay hasn’t announced what sort of beauty products will be included in the limited edition, dropping on May 27, but you can sign up for updates on the Urban Decay website, so you’ll be the first to know when it’s available. More to come as GRAZIA learns more about the exciting launch.