When I need beauty or fashion advice, I’ll normally approach the group chat that plays host to my girlfriends or Pat, GRAZIA’s stylist. But for journalist Maureen Dowd, she calls upon friend and trusted confidant, Tom Ford (casually, via text).

In a recent article in the New York Times, Dowd interviewed Seinfeld creator and comedic genius Larry David. Given social distancing rules around the world, the interview was to take place via FaceTime, but Dowd was new to professional FaceTime endeavors (as we all are), so decided to tap the powers of her “lighting sensei” Tom Ford so she looked her digital best. She kindly shared his answer with the world, so you too can look well-lit and gorgeous in all the Zoom calls and Google Hangouts sure to bless your inbox in the coming months (just sub in Larry David with Gary from Finance).


Tom Ford FaceTime
Image credit: The New York Times

According to Ford, we should all be raising our computers (not just for great angles but also posture), rearranging our lighting schemes and draping white tablecloths around the place for “fill and bounce!” Ford, who also moonlights as a photographer, is no fool when it comes to crafting beautiful images, so his advice is certainly worth taking. His final tip is one the television industry has been privy to for years: lots of powder! Because no one wants to look shiny on screen.

In a news cycle that’s otherwise a deluge of awful statistics and heartbreaking scenarios, Tom Ford dishing out FaceTime tips is the lighthearted content we all needed on this Monday morning.


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