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The beauty industry has always had a very successful and prominent piece of the social media pie. Even in its earliest days, YouTube became an almost sacred place for tutorials on makeup, skincare, and haircare. Since the pandemic, we’ve been turning to our favorite influencers a little more often for tips and tricks on experimental makeup looks and thoughtful skincare regimens, and TikTok has been the gift that just keeps on giving. 

More conversational and collaborative, TikTok’s typically unconventional beauty trends seem to catch fire and spread like no other. Pastel eyeliners, glitter lids, and lipliner hacks are just a few to go viral in the past. As of late, a few new trends have emerged on the platform and seem to be taking storm.

The Four Dot Eye Trick:

Courtesy of TikTok user Michelle Diaz, a hypnotic eyeliner trend has emerged to brainwash people into falling in love with you. By simply applying four white dots with a liquid liner around each eye in a diamond formation, one draws attention to the eyes, apparently calling upon the “power of attraction.”


Reply to @ogeliza just posted a tutorial/what liner I use 🤌🏽✨ #whitedots #makeuphack #ThatCloseMessenger

♬ El Preso – Fruko Y Sus Tesos

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Infinite Lip Liner:

In a video that has since acquired 10.2 million views, TikTok creator @eelyse provides us with a fresh, time-efficient way to apply our lip liner. In just one impressive and fluid motion, she takes her pencil from one corner of her mouth all the way back around without missing a beat, providing a “no fuss, no muss” approach to a fully lined lip.


another day and other lip vid

♬ Rumor Has It x Beggin – LAUREN🌈🦋✨🌎

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The Clean Look:

A trend that stands the test of time, TikTok’s latest viral “Clean Look” craze provides a basic 5 step routine for a fresh and natural beauty look. Taking off after TikTok user Eva Rankin posted a “Clean look” tutorial, others began posting their most stripped-down regimens as well. The products include a base layer of SPF, concealer, eyebrow gel, a hydrating tinted lip balm, and mascara to top it off. The simplistic how-to is a classic in achieving the no-makeup makeup look. 


Reply to @yoodaddydre how to achieve the ✨clean✨ look ib: @millieleer #cleanmakeup

♬ Manhattan – Ella Fitzgerald

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