Lately, my focus on what I wear and what I want has shifted slightly. Yes, I’m still ogling all kinds of lovely, very bougie things, but these things now must serve a different kind of purpose: that of comfort.

While my antenna will always be attuned to the fabulously fashionable and utterly impractical, I’ve recently been rewired a slightly different way. The bunny ears that sit atop my mop have been rejigged, finding a more comforting path of cute things that make me feel happy and cozy and snug.

And it’s not just comfort in the traditional sense of gee-whiz-that-is-cozy – but comfort across all categories, even beyond fashion. Homewares that give me the warm fuzzies, recipes that relieve, drinks that well, actually make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I’m comfort eating, comfort drinking, comfort buying. Basically I’m seeking comfort-everything, and understandably so. We’re all weathering the same storm but to different degrees, and for me, it’s finding joy in these little moments of comfort.

So here, some of the things I’m seeking comfort in at the moment: functionally, visually and ingestible-ly.

pillow feet
For my once-a-day walk (OK, once a week), I am LOVING this brand-spanking new release from Allbirds, AKA the comfiest shoe brand on earth. Their new Dasher sneaker has more of an athletic bent than previous hits, a shoe that helps you run hard but tread lightly on the planet. With a sugarcane sole, renewable eucalyptus and superfine merino wool, The Dasher leaves a lighter footprint – both physically and on the planet. Plus, how cute is this minty fresh peppermint hue?

Women’s Tree Dasher, allbirds, $200. shop now

cozy cardi
Pre-Covid, every It-girl was peddling a cute cropped ’90s-esque cardi. Kendall Jenner wore one, so too Bella Hadid, and now with comfort-dressing in full swing, I have jumped on-board the coattails of the cardi trend, fully embracing it with this new Glassons Chunky Knit version. Cropped but oversized (v. handy for iso-induced layers of what I like to call “blubber”), its roomy shape but chic flared sleeves make it both cute and comfy.

chunky knit cardi, glassons, $40. shop now

happy vase
Oh, my! This lumpy lady has been giving me voyeuristic pleasure since landing on my doorstep via Matches Fashion, and I’ve just added gloriously floppy poppies to her lady lumps and now I’m ogling her even more. But my objectification comes from a good place, she’s just so damn lovely. I can’t help but perv her curves.

Love Handles ceramic vase, ANISSA KERMICHE at matches fashion, $515. shop now

Wine, wine, wine
Hello, hi, CIAO. This doesn’t need much of an explanation other than: GET. IN. As hospo pivots to new takeaway endeavous, makers of the best Bottarga + Pretzel and tiramisu in Sydney, 10 William St, are also providing a one-stop-HOP for all their killer cellar natural wines at sexy retail prices.

natural wines, 10 William St. pick up only

lump-lovin’ leggings
Now more than ever I’m on the hunt for leggings that don’t cut into my lumps (particularly around that time of the month), and these four-way stretch leggings from Mimi Kini are like a second skin, breathable and butter-soft and brilliantly cushy.

move legging, mimi kini, $90. shop now

a nice burn
There’s nothing quite as cozy as candlelit anything, so I’ve been lighting all my candles – even the fancy ones that have laid dormant for years – in a bid to light up my life. And it’s working.

Ciao scented candle, 190g, BELLA FREUD PARFUM exclusive at net-a-porter, $96.59. shop now

love fern
Like Andie Anderson’s “love fern” to Ben in ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days,‘ I have been gifting myself my own little love ferns, cultivating joy in potted plants and herbs of which I’m trying my best at keeping alive.

potted plant, poho flowers, $80. shop now

Cheeky cultural Cap
I’m not really a cap girl per se (read: ever), but I’ve been using this time to get reacquainted with my head and keep my dirty hair in check at the same time. Wearing my Greek pride on my head, I’m living in my “RE!” cap, arguably the most famous (and most used!) interjection in the Greek language. Also a great head-warmer given our quick decline into the cold.

“Re!” Cap – White, Savvas Says, $35. shop now

do-it-all sweater
Chic enough to wear on the daily grocery run, cozy enough to cuddle up to in bed, this classic crewneck sweater has a buttery soft modal lining through the body and single-layer cotton terry sleeves that allow me the utmost comfort, always.

be nimble crew, Nimble activewear, $109. shop now

iso bible
One word: Ostro. This Melbourne-based food writer takes pleasure from the simpler things in culinary life, and I for one am all about it. I’ve been reveling in her gloriously moreish Mediterranean recipes, adding my own Greek touch to many. Opa!

Ostro, Julia Busuttil Nishimura, $45. shop now