Woolmark Prize 2022
Courtesy of The International Woolmark Prize.

The International Woolmark Prize has continuously created a space for emerging talent to thrive, innovate and push the bounds of creativity—existing within the realm of innovation & sustainability. Last years iteration stood at the precipice of artistic excellence and brilliant design with the collaboration with Saint Heron, for art film ‘Passage’, highlighting the work of the 2021 prize finalist, in particular winner Matty Bovan. And as we await to see what innovative ways the Woolmark Prize visually interprets the work of this year’s finalist, judging from the amazing pool of talent, we can only imagine that it too will be not level. The 2022 finalist are; UK’s Ahluwalia, EGONLAB from France, Australian designer Jordan Dalah, South African design duo MMUSOMAXWELL, the enigma Peter Do, LVMH Prize Karl Lagerfeld Prize recipient Rui, and Saul Nash, hailing from the United Kingdom.

The seven finalist will interpret this year’s theme, Play, each receiving a AU$60,000 (roughly $43,000 USD) grant for the development of a Merino collection, to play and experiment with textiles, design and business practices to drive change and innovation for a brighter future. The finalist will also be supported by a the Prize’ education and mentoring initiative, with mentoring from some of biggest titans in the design industry—from stylist Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, to fashion advocate Sinéad Burke.“We’re thrilled to introduce the next generation of creative game-changers to take part in the 2022 International Woolmark Prize,” said Australian Wool Innovation (parent company of The Woolmark Company) CEO, John Roberts.

Peter Do. Courtesy of The International Woolmark Prize.



Get to know the uber talented pool of designers, below:


Ahluwalia, UK:

Woolmark Prize 2022
Ahluwalia. Courtesy of The International Woolmark Prize.

“It is such an honor to be a part of such a prestigious prize, I have long admired the prize and the innovative and forward-thinking work that comes out of it. I have been following the prize since I was a student, it is incredible that I get to be a part of it and follow in some amazing footsteps.”

EGONLAB, france:

Woolmark Prize 2022
Egonlab. Courtesy of The International Woolmark Prize.

“It’s a real honor and responsibility to represent France in this new edition of the International Woolmark Prize. Being nominated as a finalist is already a victory for a young and emerging brand like EGONLAB – especially when we know the history of this Prize. We would like to thank the Woolmark council for giving us the opportunity to express our tailored urban-punk DNA on one of the most respected stages of our industry.”

jordan dalah, australia:

Woolmark Prize 2022
Jordan Dalah. Courtesy of The International Woolmark Prize.

“When I found out I was a finalist for the Woolmark Prize I was incredibly excited. Then finding out that it was only a handful of designers that I really respect made it feel even more unbelievable. As a designer you never really have time to measure the milestones in your career, you just keep moving forward with the aim of overcoming each hurdle or achieving a new milestone. Taking a moment to reflect on this opportunity is incredibly exciting and I am incredibly grateful.”


Woolmark Prize 2022
MMUSOMAXWELL. Courtesy of The International Woolmark Prize.

“We are truly honored and thrilled to be recognised by such an important organisation. As an emerging brand that is in a remote part of the fashion world, it is essential to have that kind of support while navigating and growing our business”

Peter Do, USA:

Woolmark Prize 2022
Peter Do. Courtesy of The International Woolmark Prize.

“Historic. It’s such an honor to be a finalist and to be included amongst such a talented group of designers. We’ve always wanted to be a part of the prize and after such a tumultuous year it feels especially special to be here.”

Rui, China:

Woolmark Prize 2022
Rui. Courtesy of The International Woolmark Prize.

“Being selected as a finalist is an honor. Not only do we feel grateful that IWP provided us with such an excellent platform to showcase our concepts and designs to a wider audience, but also is a self-exploration and deeper understanding of RUI. I am happy to see my designs are gradually becoming more widely accepted and embraced by various groups of people.”

Saul Nash, United Kingdom:

Woolmark Prize 2022
Saul Nash. Courtesy of The International Woolmark Prize.

“This feels like a dream come true; if I’d been told a year ago that it would be happening, I wouldn’t have believed it. The Prize not only has such an inspiring list of alumni – so many creative people I look up to – but it also provides a uniquely exciting space for material development and innovation. The process already feels like a career game-changer; the connections and insight offered by the team at Woolmark are meaningful and real. We – the finalists! – are feeling the positive impact of it all already.”




The winners will be selected by a prestigious panel of industry experts, to be announced, in April 2022. 

One finalist will be awarded the International Woolmark Prize and receive AU$200,000 to invest in the development of their business, and one finalist The Karl Lagerfeld Award for Innovation will be awarded to another finalist, with the winner receiving AU$100,000.