Photo: MEGA/GC Images
Photo: MEGA/GC Images

With summer around the corner and pandemic restrictions slowly easing up, the urge to travel or spend your summer on a sunny beach is imminent. Swimwear brands are everywhere and it can almost be overwhelming deciding where to shop — especially, when you want to shop ethically. More recently, we’ve started to shy away from our usual fast-fashion brands who mass produce suits and exploit their workers. Moreover, shopping for the perfect swimsuit takes time that we honestly don’t all have. From one-pieces, bikinis, or microkinis — the styles options are endless and can leave you overwhelmed. Some of us haven’t been to the beach, on a boat or poolside with friends since before the pandemic, so finding the right suit is essential for summer.

Below, GRAZIA rounded up a few smaller-owned eco-friendly brands — some that even offer custom ordering — to complete your summer bikini looks.

Bikini Crush Swimwear

Bikini Crush is a South Florida-based brand where styles are created in-house. They are one of the 3% of brands that still manufacture within the U.S.A. “Our styles are unique using only the finest quality fabrics, embellishments and luxurious details. Each suit is designed in house by our talented team lead pattern maker. New designs take months on end to create, leaving no details unturned. Bikini Crush not only designs using luxury fabrics, but also by designing custom exclusive hardware details to pair perfect for the glam bikini fashionista,” their site says. Celebrities like Cardi B, Christina Milian, Ashanti, and Erica Mena have all been seen in these swimsuits. Many of the jewelry designs are designed in house and are exclusive to our brand only. “We do not mass produce our swimwear. Each bikini will slightly differ in design, since each piece is handmade. There are no two exactly alike, and this is what makes our brand special and you as well,” the brand said. 

Olivia London Swim

Olivia London is an aspirational swimwear brand for the woman who desires to own the moment with luxury, sensuality and exclusivity. In a world full of rooftop pool parties, having signature swimwear is vital. This brand offers a unique alternative to the everyday swimwear currently found in the marketplace.

KJB Resort Shop

KJB Resort Shop is a family-owned resort attire shop, here to supply the needs of strong confident women, their Instagram says. “All women should feel luxurious without breaking the bank which is why we created KJB Resort shop.” 

Pink Plastic 

Pink Plastic is a jewelry and clothing company created by Aurum Amare. The brand, as an entity, is a modernized fusion of styles from popular fashion icons and designers like Twiggy, Cher, and Christian Dior to movies like Clueless and Life-Size. They encourage all women of different shapes, sizes, and skin tones to find their inner princess. “We want every woman to channel her inner doll by experimenting with the different trends and designs pink plastic will be releasing periodically. our goal is to empower women, motivate them to follow their dreams, and keep them cute,” their site reads. 


LDLA represents the shift from the swimwear scene being a realm of insecurity to a platform of confidence. This Los Angeles based brand wants women to embrace their inner goddess while wearing our swimsuits, minus the anxiety-riddled numbers we’re all too familiar with; instead, goddess names are used to represent fit. “We’ve created a confidence boosting swimwear experience built on numberless sizing, body positive design details, and eco-friendly fabric made from regenerated nylon. Beyond ‘just a swimwear brand,’ LDLA is an online space for women to come for a dose of confidence & inspiration, reminding them that they are wonderfully made,” their site says.

PVB The Label

PVB The Label was created to bring attention to the issues our world is facing with ocean waste, plastic waste, and fast fashion.  All of their suits are made from Econyl, a fabric made from ocean waste and carefully produced in ethical conditions in Bali, Indonesia. Instead of contributing to the problems, they want to find solutions. With every suit sold, PVB gives 10 cents to the ROLE foundation. “Every Suit Sold is contributing to the plastic waste and fast fashion solution in our world,” their site says.

Abacaxi Keeni

Abacaxi Keeni was created in 2015 and according to its website, “focuses on celebrating women’s bodies, in hopes of making a statement that allows boobies and booties to move freely in an itty-bitty bikini without receiving the social judgment of others. They inspire all women of the world to embrace their beautiful figures regardless of stretch marks, cellulite, small boobies, big boobies, flat booties, or big booties.” Each print was exclusively hand-drawn, painted, and designed with love. 


Em & May is a Montreal-based women’s clothing brand with a strong focus on sustainability and ethical practices. Each garment is handmade by their team of strong women with an eye for detail to achieve high quality standards. Their mission is to encourage body positivity while keeping a clean conscience. 

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