As we learn more about the upcoming Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That…, more storylines that could change the progression of the show as we know it are unfolding in real time. With Mr. Big and Carrie Bradshaw potentially getting divorced, it now looks like there will be a funeral scene, according to internet sleuths and fans of the show.

The rumors started when a fan on TikTok posted a video of what looked like extras for the series dressed in funeral attire outside of the Wolf Building in Chelsea, New York City. There were no signs of any of the main characters. With this information in hand, people began to speculate who might be getting the chop as the show opens, and how late into the series they’d have to wait for a character death.

The first name that pops into everyone’s head is most likely Samantha Jones, public relations mogul and seductress who was a part of the original four cast. Kim Cattrall, who plays Jones, opted out of returning for And Just Like That…, stating that she just “grew out of her role of Samantha.” But theories range from salary demands not being met to a feud with Sarah Jessica Parker.

Another popular theory that’s been making the rounds online has been the death of Mr. Big, Bradshaw’s longest-running and most problematic relationship in the show’s history. The idea was started after a source “close to the show” stated that “it is going to be a big death,” which, is a stretch but not too farfetched. He is in fact one of the oldest characters on the show, aside from Miranda’s housekeeper Magda, who is also theorized to have passed away.

Whoever it may be, fans have mixed reactions to the idea of a character being killed off at all, saying it might ruin the show. But, in reality, as the girls traverse their lives on a day to day basis, it’s a perfectly plausible plot point that a character close to them would die, and a convenient story arc to get rid of a character without a solid ending to their story.