Dr. Leyda Bowes

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Leyda Bowes and Dr. Juan Rivera are bottling nature’s best-kept secrets and their expansive medical knowledge of skincare with their new product line, Piel Eterna from Santo Remedio. Implementing natural ingredients that pack a punch, Bowes and Rivera are combining cutting-edge, science-based clinical skincare to nurture healthy skin, providing a lasting radiant glow. 

A foremost authority in skincare, Dr. Bowes has perfected her craft at some of the country’s most prestigious programs, training at academic institutions like the University of Miami, Harvard, and completing her double-fellowship in Cosmetic Dermatology and Skin Applications of Lasers. With a wealth of knowledge in cosmetic procedures, Dr. Bowes sees a consistent, high-quality, clinically effective skincare routine as the foremost answer to youthful skin. 

Dr. Bowes has been practicing dermatology for over 20 years, and with over 50% of her patient base being Hispanic (such as herself) and people of color, the Piel Eterna founder saw a gaping hole in the skincare market. Catering to all skin tones, Bowes found that calming sensitive, irritated skin and eczema is key. By avoiding the formation of “Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation” with a rejuvenating regimen, she could tackle a prevalent skincare issue within the Hispanic community and for patients of color that she believed had not been properly cared for in the past. 

Courtesy of Piel Eterna

“Our skin deserves care created especially for us, Hispanics. That is why we have chosen the best ingredients from nature, under the most rigorous research, to ensure that our skin is radiant and represents our inner beauty,” says Dr. Bowes.

A leading cardiologist and best-selling author, Dr. Rivera has been recognized as an influential and trusted source of medical information, championing the Hispanic community.

“Our skin is the first impression we show to the world,” says Dr. Rivera. “And our well-being is closely related to the way we present ourselves. If you feel good, your skin should be able to reflect it.”

Courtesy of Piel Eterna

The Piel Eterna line also combats rosacea, acne breakouts, inflammation, scar formation, and pigmentation issues. The “smart” skincare routine consists of medically-advanced anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, and anti-redness ingredients. Comprising of a purifying cleanser, a revitalizing eye cream, face moisturizer, a restorative balm for the neck, the collection also incorporates an intensive retinol rejuvenation oil, and a Zelma Serum created to illuminate your complexion. 

The brand’s Zelma Brightening Serum and Moisturizing Face Cream is jam-packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients, from Vitamin C, to squalane, niacinamide, calendula and bisabolol, all formulated to clam, brighten, clarify, nourish, and hydrate. 

Courtesy of Piel Eterna

Zelma also introduces a new concept in the skincare sphere, known as the mineral rescue complex. Fusing essential minerals, the key ingredients aid in restoring cellular function and promote overall skin health, especially in those whose complexion  has suffered from an array of stressful conditions. The process completes an all-encompassing holistic approach to skincare, delivering both cosmetic results, as well as solving medical ailments known to affect the skin.

Two doctors with one mission, Bowes and Rivera’s goal to improve and protect the skin, especially of the Hispanic community, has been realized through Piel Eterna’s nature-based ingredients and science-based formulas, bridging the gap of clinical skincare, fusing the best of both worlds.

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