Paris and Milan Street Style

If the sight of stylish editors, fashionable influencers, and curious bystanders isn’t a sign of the return of IRL fashion week, then I don’t know what is. As we all know, due to the coronavirus pandemic, in-person shows were no longer able to happen in person. Still, thanks to technology, brands could present their new collections through digital and socially distant formats. There was no alternative method for street style to show off dazzling outfits in front of the camera other than Instagram and TikTok, of course, where we’ve been looking for the latest style trends.

Now that vaccinations are increasing worldwide, showgoers who last year experienced fashion week via live streams, CGI renderings, and artistic photographs are now eagerly making their return to street style in a big way. Our first glimpse back into the world of street style was this summer’s Milan Menswear 2022 (June 18 to 22), and Paris Menswear 2022 (June 22 to June 27) shows.

The fashionable set was dashing from show to show (keeping in mind health guidelines, of course) in some of summer’s coolest trends, including maximalism prints, monochromatic looks, and mixed-and-matched patterns. GRAZIA curated some of the best looks spotted in Paris and Milan this season. Let them inspire you for your return to outdoor looks below.