Courtesy of Quay

Paris Hilton wears many hats… or shades, to be more accurate. The original influencer, model, actress, reality star, DJ, recording artist, activist, business mogul, and overall pop culture icon is adding one more project to her plate with a collaboration with leading eyewear brand Quay. Creating 12 stylish sunnies, prescription, and blue light glasses in the name of female empowerment, Quay and Hilton have partnered with the national non-profit organization Project Glimmer on a “Giving is Sliving” philanthropy program.

“I’m really excited to be doing this with Project Glimmer. They’re an incredible organization, focused on instilling confidence and providing career support to over 800,000 girls in the foster care system,” Hilton tells GRAZIA USA. “That’s really important to me, especially with all the advocacy work that I’m doing for children.”

Responsible for providing women and girls with career advancement and essential goods, Project Glimmer has prioritized empowerment and establishing confidence through its “Empower Hour” program, which Quay has pledged to host in honor of the collaboration. Designed to open doors to new career paths and inspire success in school, work, and life, and significantly reduce gender inequality.

(Image Courtesy of Quay) Paris Hilton wearing the style ‘Wanna Party’

Laser-focused on the welfare of children, Paris Hilton is a woman on a mission. Taking her fight against the “Troubled Teen industry” all the way to Washington, there’s no stopping this multi-hyphenate powerhouse.

“A lot of the kids that are in the foster care system are now being sent to Provo Canyon School and schools like it, where I was abused and where so many other children were as well,” Hilton says. “I’ve been really fighting for this cause, and we’ve changed laws in seven states so far. Now, we’re taking it to a better level and introducing our bill in Washington D.C. in May. It will be illegal to abuse children in these places in all 50 states. That is something that’s obviously close and dear to my heart. To do this is my mission in life, and I love that they are giving back to these girls who need the support.”

Donating $25,000 to Project Glimmer, Quay and Hilton will also be providing the girls with over $100,000 worth of product. “I love collaborating with a brand that’s both lead by women and has such a strong emphasis on empowering women, and being able to give back to such an incredible project.”

(Image Courtesy of Quay) Paris Hilton wearing style ‘Still Rich’

With 19 different product lines of her own, Hilton is always working on design collaborations, but this partnership with Quay particularly stands out. “I’ve been a huge fan of the brand for years,” says Hilton. “The quality is amazing. It’s the same as any big brand and the styles are just beautiful. I love all of the collections.”

Plus, it was a perfect fit because, as Hilton says, she’s “obsessed” with sunglasses. “I wear them all the time, even at night. It’s the perfect collaboration for me since I’m kind of known for my sunglasses.”

Representing what the Paris In Love star would love to wear herself, the styles range from chic cat eyes to oversized shield shapes. The “Wanna Party” frames reminds the early-aughts style icon of what she would wear back in the day but done in a more futuristic rendering. Plus, she put her own quintessentially Paris spin into naming each design, with phrases like “So Serious”, “Total Vibe”, and “Still Rich.”

According to Hilton, “there’s something for everyone” which is why she’ll be sending the collection to her mother, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kathy Hilton, her sister, designer Nicky Hilton Rothschild, and all of her friends. “You’ll be seeing a lot of people rocking these shades.”

(Image Courtesy of Quay) Paris Hilton wearing style ‘Call The Shots’

She’ll be adding her Quay collaboration to her expansive collection of “literally thousands” of sunglasses. “Maybe ten thousand?” she says when asked how many she owns. “Too many.”

“I have an entire room that is filled with sunglasses. I had to go through it the other day,” she laughs. “I was getting rid of a lot of them. I’m always traveling, buying sunglasses, brands are sending them to me, and now that I’ve designed my own collection, I have a bunch of those.”

Helming such a formidable brand, releasing her reality series Cooking with Paris on Netflix, the Peacock original series Paris In Love, becoming a leading lady in the NFT landscape, and becoming the highest-paid female DJ in the world, it’s a wonder Hilton can juggle everything on her plate. “I’m just a workaholic,” she laughs. “I’ve been like this for forever. I think success is something that really drives me. I love to get creative; I love what I do. I’m just doing so many projects I’m so passionate about and that are so much fun. I love creating and releasing new products for my fans to enjoy and sharing my life with them.”

She also gives a lot of credit to her new husband Carter Reum. “It helps that my husband is such a hard worker too — his work ethic is just on another level. We just focus on each other and our businesses and lift each other up in that way. He’s so supportive of me and letting me take the time to always be working.”

With female empowerment in mind, Hilton reminds us all that the future’s so bright, you’ve got to wear Quay shades. Starting at $55, the Quay x Paris collection is available online and in stores March 9th.