Paris Hilton babies
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Even though Paris Hilton hasn’t been married to Carter Reum for that long, she is already thinking about the next step: babies!

“I cannot wait,” she said on E! News’ Daily Pop, adding that she would like “two or three” kids.

“I would want twins first,” she revealed. “I don’t know it’s hard to say. I always wish I had an older brother because I feel like if I did then he would protect me and things like that in school.”

Paris Hilton Babies
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The blonde beauty and the businessman tied the knot in November, and they had three parties to celebrate. “I couldn’t be happier, he is just everything to me. Just saying that term was very weird for me at first, but we’ve been together 24/7 so I felt like a married couple this entire time any way,” she said of now calling him her husband.

Hilton has been candid about the IVF process, admitting that she “can pick twins if I like.”

Paris Hilton babies
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The socialite also relied on Kim Kardashian, who welcomed two kids via surrogate, as she “told” Hilton about it. “I didn’t even know anything about it,” she said. “I’m happy that she told me that advice and introduced me to her doctor.”

The Simple Life alum also completed the egg retrieval procedure. “It was tough, but I knew it would be worth it. I did it a couple of times,” she said. “Just doing it together and having a partner that is just so supportive and always makes me feel just like a princess all the time … that it wasn’t that bad.”

This week, Hilton’s sister, Nicky Hilton, announced she is now expecting baby No. 3. “Pregnancy cravings are real,” the New York native said. “For my baby, hot tamales were my pregnancy craving, and then when I was breastfeeding Lily Grace, she would throw up sometimes, and I said to the doctor, ‘Why is the baby throwing up?’ And they said, ‘Is there something that you’re eating?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, it’s the cinnamon in hot tamales. They are spicy.’ It goes into the milk, so I quit the hot tamales and she was fine.”