Naomi Campbell
Credit: YouTube.

The New York Times released an interesting interview overnight with supermodel Naomi Campbell. In it, she discusses racial inequality in the fashion world – “I knew I had to work extra hard” – her spiritual findings after drugs – “I’m very proud to be in recovery and would never hide that fact” – and her penchant for wearing a hazmat suit on an aeroplane – “I thought, ‘I can bring my wipes and wipe it all down, no insult to any airline.’”

What I found most intriguing, however, was how she was spending this quarantine period. What did Naomi Campbell do to get through the past 100 days? “I have a routine I kept during quarantine,” she said. “Get up, pray, shower, work out. In times like this, you need that sense of familiarity and routine to keep your mind and spirit in a safe space.”


The 50-year-old also had a very beautiful way of looking at the silver lining of this pandemic.

“This virus, the lives it has taken, is devastating, and yet being still, being in one place, can be amazing,” says Campbell. “If there is one thing that I’ve learned in this lifetime so far, it is that there’s no getting away from anything. We’ve got to face our fears and go through the emotions.”

“Many things in life didn’t work out for me. It’s OK. I tried. It’s a good thing to be able to look at yourself in that mirror, no running or rushing about — just me, myself and I. At the end of the day, you have got to be able to sit with yourself in solitude, or you aren’t alive.”


But perhaps the most important thing to be arranged in the model’s quarantined downtime was something that went live this morning.

A couple of hours ago, Campbell premiered a return of her much-loved series No Filter With Naomi – and the second season’s first episode is about amplifying black voices.

“I always knew No Filter with Naomi would be coming back, but never did I think it would be under these circumstances,” she says. “Season two starts today with a clear message: the ignorant will not win. I’m sick and saddened like many of you at the current state of the world, but I’m staying positive, and believe that we’ll soon be getting the change we’ve been wanting so badly for centuries.”

The special episode features three American human rights activists – co-founder of Black Lives Matter Opal Tometi, Reverend Al Sharpton (he presented the eulogy at George Floyd’s funeral), and attorney Alphonso David.

If you have a spare hour today, watch this or have it on in the background.