The word iconic gets bandied about a lot these days. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to a grumpy-faced cat is seemingly “iconic”, with keen millennials brashly branding everything and anything with those six letters. But long before this generation was even born, there was one model that defined iconic, some would argue she even created it. Truly. Naomi Campbell – the London-born model with the impossible proportions and that magnificent, awe-inspiring strut – basically gave meaning to the saying “she’s iconic”. The first black model to cover French Vogue and open Prada’s show, Campbell was not only a force of fashion, but one that continually pushed boundaries by challenging racial barriers and continues to do so.

Her mark on the fashion and beauty industry is indelible, and if there was one word to trump “iconic” it would be be “legendary”. A fashion legend, an icon, the OG; we celebrate the supermodel’s 50th birthday with a few of her most iconic moments.

closing GIANNI VERSACE’s last Haute Couture Show in 1997 as a Versace Bride

lying in a bathtub of valentino feathers for the 2019 met gala

falling at the Vivienne westwood runway in 1993

landing her first beauty contract at age 48 for NARS

returning to paris fashion week to close for valentino in 2019 

walking with claudia, cindy, helena, carla and donatella for versace’s tribute show in 2017

stepping off the runway to present gianni versace his VH1 frock ‘n’ rock award in 1995