Photo Credit: Ally Martin
Makeup: Lisa Aharon, Hair: Adam Maclay

It’s no secret that Kate Bock is a successful model, but there is so much more to the blonde beauty. Case in point: she collaborated with Australian swimwear line bond-eye, in addition to becoming the Chief Brand Officer for Pompette, “the first premium hard sparkling water served in a shareable, resealable glass bottle,” according to the website.

As for how the the 34-year-old begins her day, she gets dressed and takes her dog, Vestry, out for a walk. “I make the exact same breakfast every day because I love it, and it works for me. I make two scrambled eggs, I have my coffee, I have some Kite Hill cream cheese,” the Sports Illustrated star exclusively tells GRAZIA USA. “I work out at Gotham Gym in New York and I go see my trainer — I love it for the workout and for the social aspect. We always have fun there, and then I usually jump on a bunch of calls.”

Bock has been booked and busy, and talking about Pompette and bond-eye are two things she’s passionate about. “Pompette is a product that I actually learned about through Sports Illustrated. They had done some gifting, and I tried it, and as soon as I saw it, the bottle was aesthetically pleasing, it was beautiful, and it is sparkling seltzer — it’s low calorie, it’s clean, it’s low sugar. I tried it, and I really liked it.”

Ally Martin

She was then determined how to work with the brand, which she solved, as she now does a lot of their PR and marketing, in addition to promoting the brand at various events. Since then, the Canada native has been able to see the business from a whole new perspective. “It’s been really interesting and so much fun to kind of learn about a brand this way,” she notes. “I think people can smell insincerity and when you actually believe in something, it makes it so easy to talk about.”

Additionally, bond-eye reached out to Bock about “doing a collaborative line, and it was so much fun working with them,” she notes. “I really enjoyed that creative process, and again, I had mood boards all over my office and I was picking colors, textures and themes.”

Bock got to “creatively direct the campaign,” which was a thrill to be behind the camera instead in front of it, as she is a well-known model. “I got to create the set and create the vibe and pick the hair and makeup and kind of do everything to create the full aesthetic of the brand and that was so much fun,” she gushes. “It’s been really successful, and it’s been bought in so many different stores and retailers. It’s been really exciting to see it succeed and the fact that I get to be part of it is amazing.”

Kate Bock

After being on the other side of it, Bock reveals she has a “a whole new appreciation for when I am on the model on set,” as she wants to “help a client succeed. You realize it’s so much work that has gotten them to that point, and they have made so many decisions along the way. I think understanding what they want really helps.”

Clearly, Bock is on the way to becoming a successful entrepreneur — something she didn’t expect to happen.

“It’s really cool. I am so drawn to certain things aesthetically or creatively, and I love that I get to kind of make my dream/vibes/feelings/aesthetics come to life, and I hope that people are drawn to that,” the star, who would rip up certain articles from magazines when she was younger to create a mood board, says of trying so many different things. “I think I am getting really good feedback from people that seem to really understand my aesthetic.”

“I think there is so much more to do within the fashion and jewelry realm,” she adds. “I have done swim, which I love, but there are so many more things to do within fashion and clothing but also beauty products. I feel like the options are limitless, there are just so many brands that I love that I’d like to partner with or I am inspired by. There’s so much to work on!”

When Bock was first starting out, she told her agent that she wanted to be “the next Kathy Ireland,” as she’s built a massive brand and become a household name. “I think she has such a beautiful balance of it all, so I am actually hoping to be able to speak to her soon and work with her on a project, which would be a full circle freak out moment for me! She has really inspired me from the beginning, so I feel like what I set out to do is all coming to life, which is a dream come true,” she shares.

Photo Credit: Ally Martin
Makeup: Lisa Aharon, Hair: Adam Maclay

On top of it all, Bock is currently planning her wedding to basketball player Kevin Love. Though there are stressful moments, Bock feels fortunate that she gets to “create our dream event.”

“I am really lucky that Kevin and I have the same visual aesthetic and eye — with home décor and everything, we are very aligned and same with the wedding,” she admits. “We are very much on the same page, and it’s so much fun bouncing everything off of him. We get to create our dream night with all of our favorite people, with our favorite music, with our favorite food at our favorite place.”

Though she may be in wedding planning mode, it’s no surprise that Bock is working on several more collaborative lines, which she can’t talk about yet, but she states it’s “really cool when you have something new coming out every few months. I feel very lucky.”

“I think being endlessly curious in our job is really what will move you ahead – just talking to everyone and being engaged when you’re on set and you’re learning the most from every situation — that will set you up for your future,” she advises.