Prada’s equally chic Parisian sister, Miu Miu, is calling on its Instagram community to use their mobile phones to film themselves with forgotten Miu Miu pieces from their wardrobe in a new social series entitled #MiuMe.

The new social campaign invites a diverse cross-section of people from around the world – notable figures from the realms of sport, art, dance and fashion – as well as its Miu Miu disciples, to capture themselves in their own environment in their favorite pieces from the brand. They could be newly-minted purchases, or better still, forgotten pieces that need a little love again. Each participant is encouraged to go through her wardrobe and present themselves in any manner they desire, in an endeavor to elevate the selfie to a statement about identity and their particular sense of self (rather than what it’s become, a study in self-indulgence and vanity).

The brand will present a series of videos of people they admire spending time in their own company, sparking a playful dialogue with the self for all the world to see. As viewers, we watch as she reflects on the image of herself as it appears on the screen and how she responds to it: an instance of the female gaze trained upon the self, framed within the context of the contemporary femininity proposed by Miu Miu in the clothes she wears, and charged with the knowledge that this moment of solitary contemplation will go on to be shared with the Miu Miu audience.

From different homes all across the world, these FaceTime, moving-image self-portraits will be collated and curated as part of the first stage of what is an ongoing project for the brand.

The #MiuMe call-out aims to further develop the themes of proximity and intimacy between photographer and subject, offering candid insight into each subject’s relationship with themselves – the closest and most personal perspective of all.

Time to get creative with that Matelassé Shoulder Bag, we think.