One of the hottest clean beauty brands on the market, Mara Beauty, has announced the brand’s foray into sun care, with a fascinating new take on sunscreen. The brand announced on June 25 their new Algae + Zinc™ Sea Kale Sunscreen Sérum. Available beginning July 6th on the brand’s website, it is the market’s first 100% oil-based and vegan facial sunscreen serum featuring non-nano zinc oxide for broad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 sun protection.

The sunscreen serum is full of the same ingredients that help consumers “sea” their beauty (pun very intended): A hydrating blend of blue sea kale, hemp seed and vitamin C rich moringa, as well as MARA’s proprietary algae extract, which stimulates natural collagen production for plumped, hydrated skin. You can eat a seaweed salad, or you can use this endlessly re-applicable sunscreen serum to get the same boost, with the added addition of calming maritime botanicals to soothe and raspberry seed oil for an added boost of environmental protection. Red raspberry seed oil is known for being a “natural” SPF — not intended to replace your regular sunscreen, but has properties that offer UVA + UVB protection similar to titanium dioxide with a 28-50 SPF range against UVB rays and around 8 SPF against UVA rays.

What really excites us about this sunscreen, however, is the concept of an oil-based sunscreen. Sunscreen oils aren’t necessarily a new concept — Supergoop! and Mele both have sunscreen oils in their repertoire—but if Mara’s sunscreen oil works anything like their Universal Face Oil or Algae Retinol Oil (two favorites of this writer), it will make you glow, shine, and you will feel like your skin is truly getting the best of the best when it comes to ingredients performing on your skin. Allison McNamara’s brand isn’t just Instagram-friendly: It’s high-performance, clean, and totally worth the hype. But we’re definitely intrigued as to why it’s a “sérum” and not a “serum,” just like you.