Love Me Not Florals
Courtesy of Love Me Not

Okay, we absolutely can’t promise we won’t bring up Christopher John Rogers again because, to be completely transparent, this is a CJR stan account.  We can’t stop talking about his most recent collection or the luscious florals accompanying the models for the resort collection, Collection 008.’ Those sensational red anthuriums with look three, the white and yellow poppies adorning the models’ hair in look seven — we’re obsessed. And the floral mastermind behind all this beauty is Michelle Pelletier, the founder of Love Me Not, a boutique florist based in New York. Michelle crafts these ethereal, magical arrangements all from her beautifully curated NYC apartment (complete with brick walls and Breuer Wassily chairs and flowers everywhere, natch).

Below, GRAZIA chatted a little with the florist about her design inspirations, her start in floral artistry — and yes about working with our fave Christopher John Rogers.

Love me not floral

Grazia: What is it about floral artistry that pulled you in?

Love Me Not: The thing that really attracted me about floral art was that it was a practice in taking something already so beautiful and presenting it in a new and special context that allows it to shine, and to really be honored in a way that it truly deserves. I like that my work allows me to show people Mother Nature’s sense of humor and quirkiness.

Aside from the beautiful florals and nature, where do you find inspiration for your arrangements?

Music and dancing is a way that I feed my inspiration. Dancing reminds me so much of arranging in that if you think too hard about what you are doing it’s not going to look or feel as natural.  It taps into my intuition which allows me to flow and create.

So you recently did florals for the Christopher John Rogers collection 008. How did that collaboration come about? Did you take inspiration from the collection?

I’ve made some arrangements for the CJR team in the past, and because of their genuine, supportive nature they thought of me when it came time of planning their Collection 008 shoot. I am so inspired by Christopher’s work and this collection that I found it came so naturally on my end. It’s so easy to create for the people you admire.

I know its hard but what are your 3 favorite flowers?

So hard to pick a favorite child! Haha! Snake ball allium is favorite thing to work with, then I love anthuriums, orchids and calla lilies have a very special place in my heart.