Lashify Review

I live in a constant state of being frustrated with my stick-straight eyelashes. While I could apply false lashes every morning, the fact of the matter is that it’s a miracle that I change out of my pajamas these days. That said, it doesn’t take too much convincing to get me to test out a product or service that promises to give my lifeless lashes a boost of volume.

So as a beauty editor who’s shamelessly obsessed with other people’s perfectly curled lashes, I’ve put my trust in the hands of countless experts through the years to transform my own. I’ve had my lashline poked and prodded by getting extensions and eyelash tinting. And that’s not to mention the falsies, magnetic lashes, and serums I’ve tried at home. Some of these products and services gave me a temporary burst of eyelash satisfaction, but nothing has impressed me as much as my recent experience with the DIY lash extension kit, Lashify.

About the Brand

Sahara Lotti founded Lashify in 2017 with the mission of making lash extensions more accessible. If you’re new to lash extensions entirely, the beauty service is notoriously pricey, time-consuming, (I’m guilty of falling asleep during the 1.5-hour service), and the upkeep can be quite demanding. Nevertheless, people love them for the way it makes them feel: confident as all hell. I stopped getting them once I realized that my actual eyelashes started falling out and getting sparse, which is a common complaint amongst extension wearers.

In an interview, Lotti revealed that she, too, used to be “obsessed with lash extensions,” until it got to the point where she struggled to maintain them. “It took so much time to drive to Koreatown to get my lashes done, so I said, ‘I need to figure out how to do this myself,'” she continued. “So I was looking for this system, and I was convinced it had to be out there already, with this lash and a wand. It literally did not exist, so I created it!”

After three years of developing the perfect system and its high-tech components, the Lashify Control Kit (AKA, the brand’s starter kit full of essentials) was born. In the years since its release, the company has amassed a cult-like following of lash-lovers, many of whom stumbled upon Lashify when searching for the exact kit Lotti dreamed up years ago. 

Lashify Must-Haves
Pictured Here: The Lashify Control Kit, Pre-Cleanse, and Melt Away Lash Remover

My Thoughts

Take it from me: Lashify is worth the hype. I tested the Lashify Control Kit for the first time with help from a brand educator who walked me through the exact steps to perfecting the process. In all honesty, I was skeptical and intimidated by the brand’s compact kit at first, fearing that I’d majorly mess up and be stuck with wacky-looking lashes for days. The opposite happened, and I’m obsessed. 

Going into the 1:1 lash session, I knew that I wanted my lashes to look like my own, but better. My dream lashes look natural, but with some little lift and curl to achieve that sought-after no-makeup-makeup look. The lash expert encouraged me to use lashes from the brand’s Intimates collection, designed to match your natural lash and just give them that extra oomph.

We settled on using the Gossamer Mink-colored lashes, which Lashify describes as “various shades of brown for the complex brunette.” Using six clumps of Intimates Gossamer Mink Lashes per eye, she advised me to use four sets of “C” lashes (stands for “curl”) which extended from the center of my eye to the outer corner, and two sets of “A” lashes (stands for “Amplify”) close to my inner corner. 

If I lost you, don’t panic. There are tons of resources available to you online when it comes to customizing your own lashes. While I could walk you through the whole process, it’s a whole lot easier to watch how it’s done. 

So if you’re thinking about giving the lash system a try, do it. It will take at least a few times to master the process, but don’t get discouraged. Once you learn the steps, you’ll have your dream lashes — and you didn’t even have to leave the house.

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