Lady Gaga
Credit: Emma McIntyre / Getty Images for Turner

Appearing on the AppleTV+ show, The Me You Can’t SeeLady Gaga has revealed to hosts Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry that she became pregnant after being sexually assaulted. According to E! NewsGaga has been experiencing recurring pain from the experience. She reportedly visited a hospital after feeling pain and numbness and was referred to a psychiatrist.

“First I felt full-on pain, then I went numb,” Gaga said. “And then I was sick for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks after, and I realized that it was the same pain that I felt when the person who raped me dropped me off pregnant on a corner. At my parents’ house because I was vomiting and sick. Because I’d been being abused. I was locked away in a studio for months.”

Her illness then led to a “psychotic break” which the “Poker Face” singer says lasted amid her accepting an Oscar for A Star Is Born in 2019.

“I had a total psychotic break, and for a couple years, I was not the same girl,” she said. “The way that I feel when I feel pain was how I felt after I was raped. I’ve had so many MRIs and scans where they don’t find nothing. But your body remembers.”

During the segment the 35-year-old recalled being asked to strip in front of music producers at a young age.

“I was 19 years old, and I was working in the business, and a producer said to me, ‘Take your clothes off,'” she recalled. “And I said no. And I left, and they told me they were going to burn all of my music. And they didn’t stop. They didn’t stop asking me, and I just froze and I—I don’t even remember.”

She wrapped up her conversation with Winfrey and the Duke of Sussex with a warning on the ramifications of self-harm.

“You know why it’s not good to cut? You know why it’s not good to throw yourself against the wall? You know why it’s not good to self-harm? Because it makes you feel worse,” she added. “You think you’re going to feel better because you’re showing somebody, ‘Look, I’m in pain.’ It doesn’t help.”

The Me You Can’t See releases onto the streaming platform from May 21.

If this story is in any way triggering, please call LifeLine Australia on 13 11 14. If you are in the U.S., the American Foundation For Suicidal Prevention is here to help. Call 800 273 8255. Or text “Talk” to 741 741.