Courtesy of Korres

Korres is rethinking what it means to recycle at its new SoHo location. The natural, Greek beauty brand that uses organic ingredients such as Greek yogurt and olive oil to make its products, just opened a new brick-and-mortar store and in-house recycle lab on Elizabeth Street in New York City, that gives old beauty product containers a second life. 

As you shop for new Korres products (this location happens to have the largest assortment of Korres items in one place!), you can also bring back your empty bottles to be recycled and repurposed. And that goes for bottles of any brand. Korres will then give the discarded items a second life. They might be transformed into a hair comb, dresser door knob, or tote bag, thanks to an alternative plastic recycling system.

Courtesy of Korres

Korres works in partnership with Precious Plastics, a plastics recycling project that started in 2013, who are “available on-site to walk visitors through the recycling process and answer any machine or Precious Plastics related questions,” the release states.

Glass and paper products are also recycled in accordance with N.Y.C. recycling, the release added.

Courtesy of Korres

Korres has been producing skincare since 1996. The original seed-to-skin beauty brand has put clean, natural, ingredients at the forefront when creating all of their products. Korres also sources all of their ingredients from Greece, supporting local Greek farmers.

This is the second Korres Recycle Lab (the first location opened in Athens in 2020). Since it’s launch, the lab has recycled over 1 ton (or 25,000 pieces) of plastic within its first 9 months of opening.

The next time you’re ready to restock on skincare, remember to pack up your old bottles before heading over to the Korres Elizabeth Street location.