Kim kardashian west jumpsuit

Kim Kardashian West is almost the guinea pig of modern fashion trends (or what will become modern fashion trends). With pure fashion gall, the reality TV star-cum-most powerful celebrity in the world seems more than happy to put herself out there in some of the trickiest, albeit questionable, trends.

Forever experimental with fashion, she’s tried just about everything; bandage shrugs, leather chaps, whole-body snakeskin, latex leggings – in fact, latex everything – such is her audacity when it comes to style. Really, nothing shocks us anymore: she’s done / worn just about everything. But we still find some outfits a little unnerving. Take, for example, this leather jumpsuit over the weekend.

Wrapped up in the arms of husband Kanye West (who just announced a new line with Gap) on the family’s Wyoming ranch, she wore a very interesting take on the classic jumpsuit, which was, of course, anything but classic. The jumpsuit, cut in a super glossy chocolate brown PVC, was designed by Nigerian designer, Mowalola Ogunlesi, who champions a kind of convention-shattering aesthetic in her own eponymous womenswear line and was just revealed as the creative director of West’s aforementioned Yeezy x Gap range.

Featuring a plunging-V bodice which was cut out at the sides and wide-leg pant with cargo pockets, the look was most certainly unconventional. And while we’re not the least bit surprised by the outfit, we aren’t entirely convinced by its low-riding, awkwardly-cut shape either (not to mention every woman’s fashion fear: the camel-toe).

Kim kardashian west jumpsuit

Both husband and wife shared the two pics with the same caption, “Happy Sunday,” the second image featuring the back of Kardashian West (this time cuddled up to Kanye), which detailed a cut-out back detail and er, interestingly placed zipper (right up her infamous bum).

Love it or loathe it, one thing is for sure: Kardashian West, who recently shocked us (truly) with her hard-to-fathom waist before the 2019 Met Gala, always makes a statement.

Oh, Kimmy K, what will you do / wear next?