Kendall Jenner and host Jimmy Fallon (Photo By: Alex Hooks/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

While Kylie Jenner’s official confirmation to the public that she was pregnant was well-produced and emotionally provoking in a typical Jenner fashion, things were a little more mundane within the family. On Tuesday night, Kendall Jenner appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and during her interview, Kendall shared the emotions and moments that came with Kylie telling her that she was pregnant.

“I wasn’t really shocked because I felt like it could happen someday soon,” Kendall said. “But I was excited. I was very excited and it’s just a blessing.” It could be that Kendall wasn’t quite shocked because Kylie has made it apparent in the past that she planned on giving daughter Stormi a sibling.

Kendall said in the interview that Kylie simply called her and showed her a picture of a sonogram and that was how she received the news. But what we’re all wondering: when did she find out? Kendall didn’t reveal that information, but she did share what it’s like being a babysitter for her niece, Stormi. Kendall said she wants to be the “cool Aunt” and “liked by all of them.”

And Kendall isn’t the only one involved in her niece’s life. She revealed that boyfriend Devin Booker has a pretty big part in Stormi’s life as well.

“[Booker] loves them. Him and Stormi have an amazing relationship. She has the biggest crush on him and I’m jealous sometimes,” Kendall said jokingly. And now, with Kylie being pregnant with baby number two, Kendall’s role as “cool aunt” can be expected to expand as she has double the love to give. Whether or not she’ll have a niece or a nephew is something we don’t know yet, but that could be a secret kept until the day Kylie gives birth.