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Credit: Instagram / @kendalljenner

On a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kendall and Kylie Jenner had a huge blow-up – the biggest we’ve ever seen depicted on the show’s 19 seasons. Naturally, the fight started as most sisterly arguments do: over clothes. It then turned super messy as the pair literally attacked each other in the back of a car, resulting in them not speaking for over a month – the longest they’d ever gone without talking.

But, thankfully, all seems to be well in the Kardashian camp now, and the entire family spent Thanksgiving at their mum, Kris Jenner’s Calabasas home. During the day, Kendall and Kylie teamed up for a TikTok video, in which they hilariously mock each other about everything from their taste in men to which one of them is their parents’ favorite.

The video shows the pair answering questions about which of them falls under different categories, from ‘staying in’ or ‘going out’ and ‘low maintenance’ or ‘high maintenance.’ The words appear on each side of the screen and Kylie and Kendall pick which category they fit into by walking to either side. 

The video opens with the question, ‘Supermodel’ on the left and ‘Instagram model’ on the right, showing Kendall – a supermodel – doing her full catwalk strut and heading off to the appropriate category. Kylie walks along behind her and, at the last second, twirls her way to the left, also dubbing herself a supermodel. Kendall then hilariously pops back into shot and pushes Kylie off to ‘Instagram model.’

In other parts of the video, Kendall says she’s her ‘dad’s fave’ and that she dates ‘hoopers,’ alluding to the string of NBA-players she’s been romantically linked to, while Kylie says she’s ‘mum’s fave’ and goes for ‘rappers.’ The beauty mogul’s last two boyfriends, Tyga and Travis Scott, have both been famous musicians. 

Both sisters choose ‘staying in’ over ‘going out’… until Kylie scuttles sneakily over to the going out side of the screen at the last second. Kendall then places herself in the ‘low maintenance’ category, as Kylie confirms she’s happy being ‘high maintenance’ and the sisters close out the game with Kendall insisting her little sister is a ‘sloppy drunk,’ and not a ‘funny drunk’ as she’d like to believe.

Now this is the kind of Kardashian content we love to see.