Kendall Jenner is usually pretty coy when it comes to her beauty secrets, but she did once let on that she loves indulging in a DIY facial.

The model, who has been candid about her struggles with acne in the past, is very particular about what she uses, but did share an unexpected (i.e. cheap) facial tool to her Instagram Stories: the Contour Cube.

The Contour Cube is essentially just a tool that can be used like an ice block container, but is designed in a way so that it works with the contours of the face. You simply fill it with water (or coconut water, if you’re feeling boujee) and move it along the face to refresh, tighten and tone. It’s a viral TikTok product (!) which explains how it might have found its way into Jenner’s skincare routine.

Facial icing — and the wider concept of cryotherapy — have boomed in popularity this year. Cheap and easy, the cold temperatures work to constrict blood flow and define facial features, not to mention shake off signs of fatigue.

Based on the caption, this is something Jenner does to her skin daily. No word on the rest of her skincare routine, but we do spy what could potentially be a bottle of Maison Margiela Replica fragrance in the background? Also peep the chic green bathroom tiles (as seen in Jenner’s Architectural Digest house tour).

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Whilst you could technically just use an ice cube, if you’re into cold therapy, the Contour Cube is an easy, mess-free way to get the benefits.