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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so calling all significant others… it’s time to get cracking. Let me give you a piece of advice, most girls love jewelry. Diamonds, gemstones, sparkles, shine, you really can’t go wrong with a great piece of jewelry. This is why going for jewels is an (almost) fool-proof gift.

There’s always the safe route, a classic tennis bracelet or diamond studs. But this list is for the girl who already has those pieces. So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we curated a bunch of on-them, loved-up accessories that will make your partner’s day. From heart-shaped pendants to pretty pink and red gems, each piece nods to the holiday.

Forget flowers, diamonds are forever.

Yvonne Léon Choker, $1,608, SHOP NOW
Boochier Fruit Hoops Bracelet, $2,920, SHOP NOW
Ming Yu Wang Berry Earrings, $185, SHOP NOW
Arielle Ratner Power Pinky Rubellite Tourmaline, $3,600, SHOP NOW
Future Fortune Luck n Love Earrings, $8,500, SHOP NOW
Emily P. Wheeler Chubby Ring, $14,000, SHOP NOW
Jenny Bird Heart Hoop Kit, $170, SHOP NOW

Pamela Love Dagger Pendant, $1,700, SHOP NOW
Harwell Godfrey I Heart Chandelier Earrings, $54,950, SHOP NOW
Jennifer Zeuner Shepard Lariat, $374, SHOP NOW
Brent Neale Pearl and Puff Heart Ring, $2,650, SHOP NOW
Martha Calvo Dua Necklace, $235, SHOP NOW
Pomelatto Ring, $4,100, SHOP NOW
State Property Utama Jet Black Bangle, $8,760, SHOP NOW
Sauer Eden Love Potion Necklace, $12,700, SHOP NOW
Jennifer Fisher Puffy Heart Earrings, $395, SHOP NOW
Guitam earrings, $5,700, SHOP NOW
Frasier Sterling Love Note Cord Choker, $38, SHOP NOW
Prada Eternal Gold Small Pendant Necklace, $6,400, SHOP NOW