Josh A Katz

Isaac Ordonez is soaking up this special time in his life — after Wednesday premiered on Netflix on November 23, the show immediately took off, and it’s the streamer’s third most popular English-language TV series ever, behind Stranger Things and Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Additionally, it has amassed 752.52 million hours viewed.

“I had full faith the show would do well — but the amount of buzz and excitement, I don’t think anybody had a clue it would be this huge! It’s been incredible and exciting seeing the show rise to number one and stay there,” the rising star, who plays Pugsley in the series, exclusively tells GRAZIA USA.

Growing up, Ordonez looked up to Tim Burton, who directed and executive produced the series, so it’s a real pinch-me moment to be in the presence of the famous filmmaker. “He’s such a cool guy and talented director. I’ve been such a huge fan of his for most of my life. My family has watched everything he’s ever done over and over — getting to work with him has been a dream come true. I was nervous at first, but he called to check on me when we arrived in Romania, and then everything was fine. He’s really just so cool,” the actor shares.

Josh A Katz

In the new series — a coming-of-age supernatural comedy horror that focuses on Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family — Ordonez plays Wednesday’s brother, and although he “rewatched all the old versions” of the show, he “learned some of the different Pugsley mannerisms” so he could make them his own.

“I read the script a couple times and envisioned my character and who I wanted Puglsey to be,” he notes. “We also do rehearsals for each scene, and the director would give their input. I thought everyone had watched the movies and series until recently, but when I learned a few friends of mine weren’t familiar with the original Addams Family, I was shocked. I mean, it’s a classic. It should be mandatory!”

“The best part was learning how to land as I fell out of the locker. I got to work with the stunt team on that; it was fun. The most challenging part was saying goodbye as I wrapped. Goodbyes are always hard,” he adds of playing the character.

Additionally, Ordonez had the opportunity to work alongside Jenna Ortega, who plays the main character. “Jenna is fun and really interesting to talk to. I observed her pushing herself hard physically and mentally. She’s  an inspiration for me as an actor,” he says, adding that the two would have “staring contests” during their downtime.

Roger Kisby/Netflix

Not only is Ortega getting accolades for her role in the show, but Ordonez was able to act alongside two iconic Hollywood stars: Catherine Zeta-Jones (Morticia Addams) and Luis Guzmán (Gomez Addams), who play Pugsley’s parents in the show.

“I am a fan of The Addams Family and to be a part of it is amazing and exciting. Working with Tim Burton has been a great learning experience. The cast and crew were incredibly nice and fun,” he shares. “The older versions of The Addams Family are based on the whole family and the shenanigans that they would get into, but they were still kids. Now, Wednesday and Pugsley are older. The main focus is on Wednesday as a teenager, trying to figure out and embracing who she is. She’s never had real friends before, only her family, so that’s something different. Plus, it’s a supernatural thriller.”

Ordonez is hopeful that people will know it’s “OK to be different” after tuning into the show. “Can you imagine if there was actually a Nevermore Academy — a place for outcasts, those that don’t fit in regular society? Wednesday shows that it’s important to embrace who you are and to shine — or not),” he says.

After watching Star Wars when he was 3 years old, Ordonez knew he wanted to act. “I was that little kid who would approach random strangers in public and start conversations. People would often tell my mom I should be on TV and commercials, so we decided to give it a try. I booked my first job shortly after for a museum. I had fun and wanted to do more,” he recalls.

Going forward, Ordonez would be interested in playing the villain, in addition to starring in a Star Wars film or show, which would be a “full circle moment” for him.

Roger Kisby/Netflix

“I still want to work with Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal, Chris Pratt and Steven Spielberg,” he notes. “I would like to take the lead in a horror film, go on an African safari in Kenya, scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef and visit Tokyo.”

For now, Ordonez is already thinking about Pugsley’s next moves if the show gets renewed for season 2.

“I hope Pugsley attends Nevermore Academy. He’s always been in Wednesday’s shadow, the family’s shadow, so hopefully, he will get to break out of his shell and get some abilities of his own. Also, I hope that Eugene and Pugsley become friends,” he states.

Season 1 of Wednesday is now streaming on Netflix.