Photo Credit: Photo by Gotham/GC Images

Hilary Duff has changed her hair color yet again — but this time, it wasn’t quite as on purpose as times previous. Duff has never been afraid to dabble in a whole United Colors of Benetton of hair colors — we’ve seen her with pink, blonde, blue, and pretty much everything in between, but this time, a little mishap with some purple shampoo gave her results she didn’t quite expect. Somehow, in all the milieu, Duff managed to dye her blonde hair a lovely shade of green, which didn’t quite give her the Billie Eilish teas one would expect.

Taking to her Instagram stories in a fluffy robe and wet hair, Duff started by saying “So, I just took a bath,” a sentence that has never ended well, continuing, “and I put a conditioner on my hair that I thought was for taking the brassiness out. Turns out, it was leftover from when my hair was green. And now I’ve turned my hair green. Again. On accident.” Readers, this is a safe place — feel free to laugh, because we sure having a cackle over here at GRAZIA. We’ll attribute the mistake to her new mommy brain, we get it.

Duff didn’t share which product caused the Nickelodeon Slime-colored fiasco, only that it was a hair mask — our guesses it’s one of the tinted conditioners from Aura or Overtone — and explained that she was just trying to do something good for herself because she’s been rough on her strands as of late. “I mean, [my hair] was not perfect. Let’s be honest. I swim every day with my kids,” she tells Molly Bernard, Duff’s Younger co-star, who was documenting the entire saga for the Internet masses.  Ironic that it wasn’t the chlorine that made her hair green like the rest of us, right? The video ends with Duff pretending to cry, and we don’t blame her — it won’t be like this forever, Hilary! Lean into your inner Flubber.