Harry Styles on March 14, 2021 (Photo by Anthony Pham via Getty Images)

Gen Z’s obsession with Depop is quite apparent (mainly through their favorite app, TikTok). Cycling through the app for retro graphic tees and early aughts pieces by John Galliano for Dior or Jean Paul Gaultier has become a skill that might warrant a place on the CV. Style icons like Bella Hadid and Harry Styles have both been vocal about using the cult favorite secondhand app to add to their own wardrobes, and now, some pieces possibly worn by Styles can be yours to shop. And it’s all thanks to the musician’s stylist Harry Lambert.

The creative behind Styles’ iconic androgynous looks, feathery boas, and cutesy sweater vests has decided to clean out his wardrobe of archive pieces and share them on Depop for fans to get their hands on. The selections ranges from his own stylist-approved clothes to some unique items he’s dressed clients in over the years. 

That’s right, Lambert listed the sold-out everywhere Palomo Spain polka dot shirt, a pair of Burberry Trousers (still up for grabs!), and a Pleasing by Harry Styles tote bag that we hope Styles carried himself. 

Styling pieces from Lambert’s other clients (which include Alexander Skarsgård, Emma Corrin, and Josh O’Connor) also made their way to his fashion marketplace. A custom T-shirt worn by Alexander Skarsgård for his Interview Magazine cover shoot, is by far one of the most memorable, and with the price tag of only 90 pounds, we don’t see this one-of-a-kind gem lasting long.  

All the proceeds from the sold pieces will go to Mermaids, an LGBTQ+ charity in the UK that supports transgender, nonbinary, and gender-diverse children and their families. So not only will you look great by shopping Lambert’s Depop selection, but you’ll also feel great knowing that the money is going to a great cause. A win-win situation if I ever did see one. Check out Lambert’s Depop for yourself (or what’s left of it) and act fast!