Bella Hadid is currently lapping up the sun in Ibiza on holiday, taking a well deserved few weeks off the job before fashion month kicks off in September. While beachside, the supermodel is using her time off the runway—and of showcasing new season designer clothes—to instead model her own wardrobe, posting photo after photo of her wide range of bikinis, dresses and ‘90s meets Y2K-era style. 

Though Hadid is one of the world’s most sought after faces in fashion (meaning almost any designer is at her beck and call), the 24-year-old’s suitcase is refreshingly made up of vintage designs, as well as a surprising amount off affordable pieces from small independent brands.

Hadid has, of course, shopped secondhand for years and made headlines when fans started realising that, just like us, she also frequents the resell app Depop. At first, Hadid’s Depop buys seemed to be vintage designer digs, such as Jean Paul Gaultier jackets and coveted Vivienne Westwood pieces, which, despite being available on Depop, still cost a small fortune. But recently, the model has been spotted wearing more and more designs from independent Depop shops, most of which cost less than what a quick scroll on the Zara website would add up to. 

A few weeks ago, Hadid was photographed walking through New York City wearing a vintage Ed Hardy tee which she’d sourced from the Depop shop, Dutch Fonzie. A quick scroll through the shop’s Instagram account shows Hadid frequents the store, often buying swimsuits and accessories, such as the Playboy two-piece she wore on vacation recently:

Hadid’s other go-to Depop shop is Susamusa, an account which originally started by reselling vintage pieces, before its 24-year-old founder, Asal Tehrani, expanded to include an original line made of deadstock or end of the line fabric.

Prior to her holiday, Hadid wore the label for her final dinner with friends in NYC, opting for a black and white tattoo-print set made up of a curtain-reveal shirt—a design other six-pack-baring models such as Emily Ratajkowski and Hailey Baldwin have been sporting of late—and a matching midi skirt, both of which are just $55 USD.

Last month, Hadid wore the brand’s vintage spray flares ($101 USD), and the month before she was photographed walking the streets in the O ring trousers ($63 USD).

If it’s good enough for Bella Hadid…