Image credit: Gucci Beauty

There’s just something about Gucci’s ideation of beauty. The jarring imagery, the gritty textures, the vivid colors, the unconventional norms of what’s considered aesthetically pleasing. It’s special, fun and considered – each launch as exciting as the last. First, we saw the lipsticks: creamy, pigmented and housed in the perfect Belle Epoque-inspired bullets, some ornate gold, others covered in tiny vintage florals. Then we had the recently-minted mascara, with its tiny comb wand stretching each and every lash to grand proportions. And now, the imploding beauty dynasty is coming for the rest of your face, launching a multi-purpose clear face gloss.

Image credit: Gucci Beauty

Éclat De Beauté Effet Lumière gel face gloss is not a normal highlighter. It’s without glitter, shimmer or even pearl. Instead, it is exactly what the name suggests: a clear, colorless gloss designed to cover as much (or as little) facial real estate as you desire. According to Creative Director Alessandro Michele, it errs on the side of skin that looks damp, wet even. It’s transparent and gleaming, the perfect multi-purpose, bare skin accoutrement. Housed in a little baby pink pot, the gel looks nondescript but we assure you its glassy, shiny finish is perfect.

Also soon to launch is Gucci’s version of face powder, a matte, velvet-y compact that looks as at-home in Gucci’s beauty universe as it would in the hands of Marie Antoinette. Light and with a floral fragrance, the face power will be available online from the month of May.

Both launches are a fitting addition to the luxury makeup space – highly covetable, pretty to look at and even prettier to use. Practical but with a side of whimsy, we’re already looking forward to what Gucci does next.

Gucci Beauty Éclat De Beauté Effet Lumière Face Gloss, $48. SHOP NOW

Gucci Beauty Face Powder, Launching Soon.