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Here, we chat with fashion designer, Victor Glemaud, about his Fall Winter 2021 collection unveiled during NYFW.

#GOODQuestions with Victor Glemaud

How was the process of sourcing and designing different this season compared to past seasons?
Fall/Winter 2021 collection was conceived, designed, and developed in quarantine. So in a word, remote.

Who or what was the source of inspiration for the collection?
New York City! From Queens to Manhattan, my mind’s eye was filled with a wealth of memories to explore.

Do you have any day of show rituals that bring you good luck?
I typically have dinner with family and friends after the show. Cannot wait for this ritual to return when we resume in-person runway shows again.

What’s your favorite look or piece from the collection and why?
The shoes! It was my first time designing them.

Who is the woman you design for? Who is your muse?
I design for all people.

What measures did your team take to work efficiently but stay safe while producing this collection? How has COVID-19 affected the way that your brand has approached fashion week and the presentation of new collections?
Luckily, no one got sick. We all wear masks, wash our hands often, and I spray everyone I come in contact with at the studio with Jao Hand Sanitizer.
It’s all virtual. For now.

Do you think it’s important virtual shows recreate the vibe of a show or create an entirely new experience?
Virtual shows cannot replicate an in-person runway. It is different and for now we just adapt, pivot our plan, and as always keep the focus on the collection.

Were there any experiences or lessons that you’ll take away from this unique season?
Make less and design better.

Tell us about a favorite fashion week memory.
I have so many and they are all very hilarious and naughty.

What were you watching most while designing this season?
RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12.

Current fave songs you listened to while working on this collection?
We Got Love by Teyana Taylor.

What’s your morning routine? What’s the first app you open each day?
I drink water and hit the emails immediately so I can catch Asia and Europe.

Who in your life brings you good vibes and positive energy every day?
My husband.

What makes your day go from good to great?
At the end of the day when I turn my phone to silent in the living room then head to the bedroom.

Quote to live by? Quote you love?
“No matter what happens. Keep moving!”

Best news of the year for you so far?

What won’t you miss about last year?
How much time do you have?

What’s the last good book you read?
Here are a few that I loved: Black Spartacus by Sudhir Hazareesingh, The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett, Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens and The Legs Are The Last to Go by Diahann Carroll.

What helps you connect with your inner grace and goodness?
My family and friends.

What is your fave recipe to make?
Reservations. I am tired of cooking and cleaning up.

Define what a good life means to you.
A peaceful Sunday at home blissfully unplugged.

What is the last thing you do before bed?
Watching a show in bed before I drift off.