When you’re one of the biggest supermodels in the world, it’s safe to say that you’d have a fair few friends in high fashion places. This seems to be very much the case for Gigi Hadid, who gave birth to her first child to Zayn Malik in September and has, since then, been sharing incredible designer pieces she’s been sent for her baby girl’s wardrobe, including from the likes of Moschino, Jacquemus, Versace, Lanvin and Missoni.

On Instagram stories yesterday, the new mom posted a photo of a note thanking her friends for being so generous and promising that handwritten thank you cards are en route. “I just want to put out there…while I have the time, that when I do Thank You’s on here, I think of the so many generous gifts we have receive that haven’t gotten a public “thanks”, she wrote, adding, “I am overwhelmed with how many beautiful things this little one has already been spoiled with by people I love—and I will slowly probably share them. BUT Thank You cards are on their way—if I have not posted about something, it is not from a lack of gratitude. Just a new mom trying to get it all sorted while she naps!!!”

Hadid went on to share photos of gifts she received, including a onesie from Jacquemus designer, Simon, with a tiny, very chic purse for her daughter, to pajama sets from Lanvin for her (they sent baby gifts earlier, Hadid noted), a baby wrap from Missoni, a bracelet featuring her and her daughter’s birthstone colors – Hadid’s baby is a Virgo, while Hadid is a Taurus, and a gift pack from Jimmy Fallon.

Hadid’s mom, Yolanda, previously shared a photo of her granddaughter dressed in a Moschino onesie, while Hadid shared photos of gifts from Versace designer, Donatella, and a handmade blanket from Taylor Swift.

It’s safe to say that this little girl is already far more stylish than me, which is a rather depressing revelation in itself.