And Just Like That

Quiz a handful of pop culture enthusiasts about the high points of 2021, and the answer is likely unanimous: The driving force of the year thus far is the official news that Sex And the City is being revived. Yes, the potent fantasy of high heels returning to NYC pavements is almost too much for our world-weary minds – and the thought of Carrie Bradshaw being attached to a four-inch pair of them is, well, tantalizing. The new HBO series, titled And Just Like That, will see Sarah Jessica Parker reprise her role as the iconic and beloved sex columnist, Cynthia Nixon as Miranda, and Kristin Davis as Charlotte. Kim Cattrall (AKA Samantha Jones) won’t be returning for reasons we’ll save for a different story. In the meantime, it’s time to discuss one of the most important orders of business: what we can expect the cast to wear in the season debut. 

We can’t talk about the iconic television show without referencing the cast’s early-aughts style. Just a single mention of the show has me debating whether to pop on some mismatched Louboutins or splurge on my first pair of Manolo Blahniks. And I’m just waiting for the day when I find the right occasion to wear a newspaper print dress, à la Carrie Bradshaw’s Christian Dior number. But I digress—back to the cast. 

GRAZIA tapped four designers to select a piece from one of their latest collections; a piece they could envision Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte wearing in episode one. Enter Kris Brock, Laura Vassar, Adam Lippes, Brett Heyman and Jennifer Fisher.

kris brock and Laura Vassar of Brock Collection

Brock collection founders Laura Vassar Brock and Kris Brock chose silhouettes from their Pre-Fall 2021 collection.

Carrie: “This midriff-bearing and body-skimming silhouette, this black knit set feels perfect for Carrie’s risk-taking aesthetic.”

Charlotte: “A timeless, ladylike match for Charlotte would be our slim fit brocade jacket over a floral printed dress. Polished and romantic in one.”

Miranda: “This look is sensible and modern, a long slack in cord with a crisp denim shirt and printed shawl could easily be found in her closet.”

Samantha: “For Samantha, we would suggest this black corset and leather skirt, and close the denim jacket over top for the extra polished look, while still evoking some sex appeal.”

adam lippes of adam lippes

The NYC-based designer chose pieces from his Spring-Summer 2021 collection.

Carrie: “I chose this romper for Carrie. I think it depicts her playful nature and is the perfect piece for walking the streets of Manhattan. The romper can be dressed down or up, but for Carrie we see her wearing this with some show-stopping high heels.”

Charlotte: “This dress is elegant and sophisticated, which characterizes Charlotte perfectly.”

Miranda: “This double-breasted blazer with silk linen ties and matching pants is a perfect look for Miranda, the independent, working woman.”

Samantha: “Samantha always rocks a great cami dress so I chose this look for her, as it is sophisticated and subtly sexy.”

Brett Heyman of edie parker

Edie Parker designer and founder, Brett Heyman ,chose accessories to reflect each cast member’s personality and aesthetic.

Carrie: “For Carrie, I have to go with the Joint Clutch. It’s fun, unique, and colorful—and Carrie would definitely carry her weed in style (sorry, Mrs. Adams).”

Charlotte: “The Housewife in Malachite is classic and regal. Sure, there’s a hint of McDougal here, but it’d be a staple in her closet nonetheless.”

Miranda: “Miranda would forego the bag and go with fun practicality—and Brady’s old enough to play with nice things.”

Samantha: “While we’ll miss Samantha, her spirit is the embodiment of the Miss Mini in Aura Glitter: hot, pink, and fabulous.”

Jennifer Fisher of Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

The NYC-based designer came up with the *perfect* pieces for each member of the And Just Like That cast—plus Samantha.

Carrie: “Carrie is definitely our custom JF script charm. Hanging vertically on one of our heavy link chains is a modern update to the classic nameplate necklace.”

Charlotte: “In the movie version, Charlotte wore our original stamped heart with her daughter Lily’s initials. The perfect 2021 update for the re-boot is our Medium Family Heart Charm with her kid’s initials and one diamond.”

Miranda: “I would dress Miranda in our Jamma Choker and Weightless Hollow Tube Cuff. Bold clean accessories for Miranda, keeping it simple but making a statement.”

Samantha: “For Samantha, the Maeve Hoops suit her personality: bold, fun, and a little risky.”