If you’re looking for some more hyped up swimwear brands for next summer or a vacation to a warmer climate, you’re in luck! Model Emily Ratajkowski has taken to Instagram to model her brand of swimwear, Inamorata, for her followers. Ratajkowski was featured on the Inamorata Instagram posing in a strappy, warm-toned bikini set which set off a mood of summer that we’re already missing as fall and cold weather approaches.

Ratajkowski’s line of swimwear is “inspired by the Southern California beach town she grew up in,” and offers a collection that is stocked with “easy, body-conscious essentials for the unexpected nature of the city.” Ratajkowski, along with co-founder and friend of the model, Kat Mendenhall, offer a wide variety of swimwear that rejects the “tired old myths about body image, INAMORATA WOMAN embraces the full spectrum of the female form–and makes her look damn good in the process.”

In the video, Ratajkowski models the Figure Swim collection, which if you’re interested in picking up your own piece of Inamorata, the company has just went under a restock, so you’re in luck. The FIGURE Swim collections offers bikini sets, beach cover-ups and many other accessories to complete and Instagram-worthy beach day.

Bikini sets are sold in separates, with bottoms priced generally at about $75 and tops priced the same. The collection displays a bold array of colors, ranging from neutrals to vibrant, tropical tones, adorned with maximalist patterns that are sure to catch the eyes of your followers.

“I think the Inamorata woman is the woman who will wear a bra top out to walk her dog and not even think about it,” Ratajkowski says on the Inamorata website “She is confident and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. It’s not about the body–it’s about the confidence, it’s about self-love. These are pieces that are for you.”