Photographed by Zoey Grossman

The prestige eyewear label Christopher Cloos recently tapped NFL quarterback Tom Brady to design a series of eyewear styles with the brand, and now, the label is introducing its first first female global ambassador, Elsa Hosk, with another standout line-up. The model teamed with the company on an exclusive Cloos x Elsa collection, spanning sunglasses and blue light protection glasses that all feature a vintage throwback influences.

“I loved what they’ve done with Tom Brady on the male side, and was flattered to design their first ever female collection,” Hosk tells GRAZIA USA on her new partnership. “It felt like the perfect fit for me, being that Christopher Cloos is from Scandinavia, and they make amazing quality glasses using the best materials, while caring about the environment. A great pair of glasses gives me confidence and makes a statement, and I hope everyone who wears these feels the same way!”

Having acquired quite the impressive collection of archival frames from her international travels over the  years, the Swedish model had an ample amount of inspiration to pull from in her own closet. “I have worked in beauty and fashion for nearly 20 years and that experience, along with my passion for eyewear, helped shape what I wanted my line to look like,” says Hosk.

Her exclusive collection features two styles, a cat-eye and rectangular frame in three colorways including the brand’s signature “Noire” and “Ristretto” hues, as well as a brand-new option, a rich “Dark Brown.” Continuing in Christopher Cloos’ sustainable efforts, the frames are all biodegradable, with the sunglasses retailing for $179 and the blue light for $169.

“We’re proud to partner with Elsa, a global fashion icon, and introduce our first eyewear collection made specifically for women,” said CEO of Christopher Cloos, Julius Langkilde in a statement. “Elsa, like our company, has Northern European roots but also calls the United States home. As we continue to grow our presence in the states, that commonality, along with her passion for eyewear, and influence in beauty and fashion, makes her a natural fit for our brand.”

Photographed by Zoey Grossman

With her very own clothing collection coming out this summer (and more sunglasses styles to come), Cloos x Elsa eyewear will no doubt, be the perfect accessory to pair with her stylish ensembles. Ahead, GRAZIA USA caught up with the supermodel to learn more about her collab and what’s next for the star.

Courtesy of Christopher Cloos

GRAZIA USA: How would you describe the collaborative relationship between yourself and the Christopher Cloos design team?

Hosk: It has been so great! What was the most important part for me in any collaboration, is to really get full creative freedom to do what I feel, and [create] what I’d really wear on a daily basis, and they really gave me that. They listened to me the whole way when it came to the lenses, design, colors, shape of the smallest detail. I don’t ever just put my name on something, and I think that shows in how I wear these frames and how the design reflects my style, and also what other women want today in a pair of glasses. It was a really fun collaboration, with Cloos providing the materials they like to work with and me doing everything design related.

GRAZIA: I’ve heard that you used your collection of vintage frames as inspiration. When did you start collecting and how many pairs do you own?

Hosk: I did! I’ve always had it in the back of my mind that I would someday want to do an eyewear brand or collab and maybe that’s why I’ve kept collecting. I collect a lot of things, but eyewear is something I’ve done since I was 13 and found a pair of ’60s acetate Pierre Cardin frames in a vintage store for a few dollars. I just started picking up sunglasses in vintage shops and flea  markets around the world with interesting shapes. I think eyewear is the perfect accessory. It makes you feel instantly cool when you’re wearing the perfect frames for your face.

GRAZIA: Who do you count as your favorite vintage fashion icon?

Hosk: Oh, that’s so hard. There are so many iconic women that inspires me. I love Jane Birkin in the ’60s, the ’70s era Yves Saint Laurent and his crew, the supermodels in the ’90s, and the pop stars in the early 2000s. Not really one particular person but all the vibes, the snapshots of someone’s outfit and how it’s styled, the makeup, hair and all that comes together. So many good moments for fashion!

GRAZIA: Has the retro shape shown throughout the collection always been your go-to style?

Hosk: I’ve always switched up my sunglasses depending on my mood and my outfit but I think the first frame we released called the “Original,” has been my go-to throughout the years. It’s a cat-eye shape that is so flattering. A bit of Old Hollywood meets the ’90s.

GRAZIA: What else do you have your sights on next?

Hosk: Definitely! We have a few more super cool frames coming out with Cloos, one retro and one very modern edgy shape that I’m so excited about! I’m also working on my own clothing brand at the moment, it’s been years in the making, finally releasing in the summer. I really can’t wait for people to see everything I’ve been working on!