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Say “ciao” to the latest home offerings from the famed fashion house Dolce&Gabbana: a brand-new line from the Casa Collection that the Luxury Living Store (50 NE 39th St.) is showcasing for the Italian brand’s US debut during Design Miami.

The DGCasa project launched in August 2021, and the line’s first two boutiques (one for big-ticket items and one more focused on home accessories and textiles) debuted in Milan last spring, followed by additional locations in Capri, Cannes and Spain’s Puerto Banús. The Miami location is the next to highlight the collection, comprised of four iconic prints for which the brand is known and loved: Leopardo, Zebra, Blu Mediterraneo and Carretto Siciliano. In Miami, two new (and so far kept under wraps) themes will be unveiled: DG Logo and Oro 24K. As with the original four DGCasa collections, these exciting new looks are expected to extend the brand’s signature explosion of color and scents.

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Drawing inspiration from their native land, the brand’s founders and namesakes, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, say, “Italian culture and beauty have always been our source of inspiration, from which we have drawn images and evocations. Over the years, these elements have been reinterpreted in a unique lifestyle, conceived in the spirit of the Dolce Vita and the joie de vivre. Indeed, the elegance of our furniture and accessories is never cold and austere, but instead tinged with the most festive tones of lighthearted joy.”

The world-famous haute couture design duo, who have had impeccably decorated estates and villas all over the world, care deeply about transforming houses into sanctuaries, calling one’s home, “the place that best reflects who we are, that protects us from the outside world but at the same time allows us to open up to it, welcoming it into our own domestic walls.”

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All Casa Collection furniture and complements are created with the highest standards of craftsmanship, in collaboration with artisans such as Barovier & Toso, Mian, I Dogi, Venini, Barbini, Salviati, and Tessiture Bevilacqua. These highly talented craftsmen employ specialized techniques to create the very finest Italian-made wares for DGCasa, including Murano glass-blowing, hand- painted Sicilian ceramics, fine cabinetmaking, straw weaving, wood carving, intarsia knitting, the age-old glass technique of murrine, and the weaving of lush brocades and precious velvets on traditional looms.

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