Coco Rocha GRAZIA cover
Credit: Jeremy Choh

When it comes to cover girls, we know we shouldn’t have favourites. Let me re-phrase that: I shouldn’t have favourites. But Coco Rocha really dashed any chance another model might have at holding such a title when she suggested hanging from a crane’s hook atop a Brooklyn rooftop in order to get our money shot.

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It brought a huge smile to my face then to read this morning that Rocha, 31, is pregnant with her third child. The supermodel and her husband James Conran are expecting a baby girl in three-and-a-half-months. She will join their five-year-old daughter Ioni and two-year-old son Iver.

Rocha told People she and Conran were always planning to have a third child and found out about the pregnancy right before COVID-19 summoned the world inside their homes. “With Ioni, I think it was 15 countries still travelling and working and this one will be no traveling probably the entire nine months, which I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen in my life,” Rocha told the publication.

Coco Rocha pregnant
Credit: Instagram / @cocorocha

She also noted doctor’s visits have been a little different since you are not allowed to even have the father of the child in the room. Conran bought his wife a Peloton bike, a gift Rocha was thrilled with since she’s been missing the gym.

In terms of names, Rocha says she and her husband are still looking for that special, traditional name that will hopefully fit in with her first two children (read: four letters, begins with ‘I’). “We’re still trying to find that special name,” she shares. “With Ioni and Iver, we wanted them to be different and something where people haven’t heard of often, but they’re both traditional names — long ago people were called that. So we want to find something just as special.”

Congratulations to the entire family! We wish Rocha – our favourite cover girl – all the very best! And maybe no more of this for a while!

PS. Please keep the TikTok’s coming.

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