Cindy Crawford arm workout

A couple of weeks ago, I attempted an at-home ab workout as demonstrated by Cindy Crawford. The six-minute intense routine has become part of my morning ritual: a tall glass of water before video-calling a girlfriend in NYC where we both – despite being on opposite sides of the world – crunch and jack-knife our way to supermodel abdominal muscles.

But like any trainer will tell you, once you’ve mastered one part of your body, it’s time to build on another. And there’s no time like the present quarantine period. Next up? Arms. The 54-year old just released another snippet from her famous 1992 exercise video Shape Your Body Workout on her Instagram. (If you own a VHS player, we have found a copy of the tape for purchase here.)

And so a new challenge is set. After my morning abs workout, I’ve tacked on this seven-minute and 47-second arm routine:

Repeat for 3 rounds:

10 curls

10 barbell presses

10 side raises

10 triceps kickbacks

10 reverse curls

10 barbell press

10 front raises

10 triceps extensions


While Crawford does use the same set of weights throughout her workout, I would recommend going heavier on the curls and barbell presses (I used a set of eight-kilo dumbbells) and lighter on the others. A three- or four-kilo set of dumbbells should do the trick for the latter.

Like the ab workout, Crawford goes through the motions quickly – and with great hair. “This is good for triceps and for when you wear strapless dresses,” she quips during the triceps kickbacks.

For my ponytail and I, the front raises were the most challenging. On this, it’s super important your core is emgaged so as not to hurt your lower back. After the three sets, my arms surprisingly looked… pumped up. They had worked hard.

You will likely feel a little sore the next day (unlike the ab workout which burns literally during the routine). But always remember, it’s a matter of minutes, so keep going.

And as the quarantine rules relax in Australia just in time for winter, you’ll have to find a restaurant with a heater so you can wear a spaghetti strap in the name of Cindy.


For the brave, here is the full body workout in all its 98 minute glory.