Cindy Crawford workout

Across the weekend, Cindy Crawford posted a very useful (and very quarantine-friendly) throwback video to Instagram. Crunching her way through a core workout on a New York City rooftop, the now-54-year-old supermodel encouraged her 4.7 million followers to get active from home by emulating her six-minute and 39-second ab workout, shot many years ago with her trainer.

And so, I set myself a challenge: Every day, I would start my morning with a tall glass of water like Cameron Diaz and a six-minute core burner courtesy of Crawford. There is no mucking around. The model gets straight down to business and works very quickly through the four different types of exercises and demonstrations – so you better be paying attention.

You have to do 10 regular crunches, 10 full sit-ups, 10 roll-ups and 10 jack-knives on your right side and 10 of the same on your left side. You will go through this three times equalling 150 crunches. (Make sure you’re always embracing your core so as not to hurt your lower back.)

For me, I set up my laptop and yoga mat on the hardwood floor in my kitchen. I like to open up Crawford’s IGTV video to full size (you can see it below). Don’t worry if you forget to count, her trainer and his accent do this for you along the way.

While I workout five times a week – and three with a great trainer named Ben – I found Crawford’s challenge… challenging. As I said before, she moves really quickly through the motions – and I found the roll-ups the most difficult to manage at such speed. But you get used to it. Your abs will burn – but it’s over in a flash so don’t skip one rep.

Three days in, my abdominal muscles are nearly as sore as they were post a workout with Adriana Lima’s trainer Kirk Myers at his gym in Soho – and definitely more sculpted than, well, Saturday. As I live in New York (but am currently residing in Sydney to ride out this pandemic), I’ve now made it part of my morning routine to call my girlfriends in Manhattan – who are all actually on sunny rooftops like Cindy. We set up our phones next to our laptops and do the core workout together, a ritual that will surely continue when I finally set foot back on American soil.

“Here’s another workout clip that’s great for when you’re at home,” Crawford captioned the video. “This one’s all about the abs… sorry (but also, you’re welcome) in advance!!”

If you’re over going for a million nervous little walks around your city, try Crawford’s ab-defining workout. Trust me, it’ll burn, Baby. But you’ll feel more accomplished in the tiny space of six minutes and, too, will be DM’ing this little beauty to your friends around the world.